Meet Cute Bookshop & Fizzery To Combine Romance Novels & Old Time Soda Fountain Concept Under One Roof

September 5, 2021

Meet Cute Bookshop & Fizzery will combine romance novels with an old time soda fountain cafe when it opens early next year in San Diego. 

Becca Title is a lifelong romance novel entusiast that recently left a career as an attorney working with non-profits to open her own book store and cafe. Meet Cute Romance Bookshop and Fizzery will open in early 2021 in the space that last housed Lupe's Shoe Repair in La Mesa Village. In addition to housing a wide array of romance novels and other books, the space will house an onsite cafe inspired by a 1950s soda fountain shop. 

"Meet Cute Romance Bookshop and Fizzery is a space for romance readers and the romance-curious to grab a book and a drink, meet up, and hang out," explained founder Becca Title. "We want to create community around a love of books that are swoony and zany and heart wrenching and delightful, especially when they center narratives in which members of often-marginalized groups find pleasure and joy. We could all use a little more of that. We're especially excited to bring coffee syrup, which I discovered in college because it is a critical component of Rhode Island's state beverage, coffee milk, to the West Coast and find some fun new ways to incorporate it into delicious vintage drinks. Our slogan is: Where the drinks are cold and the books are hot!"

Meet Cute Romance Bookshop and Fizzery will have an eclectic, colorful, and vintage-inspired design with outdoor patio seating on the second floor. The menu will feature handcrafted sodas, floats, and egg creams, as well as some sweet and salty snacks. There will also be a variety of coffee concoctions, soft drinks and teas to enjoy while reading a book. 

Meet Cute Romance Bookshop & Fizzery is anticipated to open in January 2022 at 8235 La Mesa Boulevard in San Diego's East County city of La Mesa. For more information, visit