Daddy-O's Point Loma | It's Cool Man

March 22, 2011

Daddy-O's knows that nothing says "Americana' better than butter-grilled, charbroiled burgers and big, juicy dogs. Add to that a never-ending list of combinations, abundant portions and a nearly impossible food-eating challenge, and the result is a brilliant portrayal of the American dream conveniently located near the Sports Arena.

Read MoreThe chilled-out, retro vibe of a 1950s soda shop diner transports guests from the location at Midway Towne Center to the greatest rock n' roll era of all time. Rock music streams constantly from Daddy-O's very own online radio channel (which you can listen to from home). The inside is black, white and red all over and highlighted by stamped metal walls and shiny booths.

The design pays homage to the rockabilly culture and the So-Cal hot rod movement of the 1960s, while maintaining a clean and classic decor. The walls are plastered with photos of classic hot rods, as well as cartoons created and inspired by legendary Rat Fink artist Ed "Big Daddy" Roth. The interior embraces nostalgia at its finest and is also child friendly, offering several tiny hot-rod "seats" for the kiddies to "drive in" while they watch cartoons on one of the seven flat screen TVs.

Now in its second year of operation, Daddy-O's continues to impress with the delectable creations invented by owners Dave and Sandra Deakman. Dishes have names: The Yodler, for example, is given to a combo of Brie cheese, spicy raspberry-chipotle sauce, spinach and tomatoes piled on a pretzel bun ($9.99).

For those who like it hot, The Smoker is a creative favorite, that fills a sweet, soft jalapeno bun with sweet-spicy jalapeno jelly, jalapeno peppers, cream cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomatoes ($8.99). The cream cheese smoothes the hot effects of the jelly, and the crunch of the flavorful bacon reminds that life is good.

Ask your fast and friendly server about off-menu items like The Burnout, a half-pound burger with buffalo wing sauce, Gorgonzola, ricotta, scallions, and jalapeno cream cheese. The flavor combinations are endless, and requests for customization is welcome! Any of these hormone-free burgers can be made with charbroiled chicken breast or a turkey or veggie burger upon request.

In addition to delicious burgers, Daddy-O's also offers large hot dogs, salads, milkshakes and desserts. Called The Blue Flamer because it burns like a gas jet, a quarter-pound dog is slipped into a tasty pretzel bun and slathered with cheese, onions, and home-style chili ($6.99). For obvious reasons, a spinach salad with feta cheese, candied pecans, dried tomatoes, dried cranberries and a choice of meat is called The Popeye ($9.99). For dessert, grab a giant shake ($4.99) or treat yourself to the BFC (Big Friggin' Cookie), a chocolate chip or white chocolate cookie topped with big scoops of ice cream laced with both chocolate sauce and caramel ($3.99).

If you're really hungry, take on the "Big One Challenge" ($32.99), which is free if you are stomach-strong enough to dominate a two pound patty decked with six slices of bacon, eight slices of cheese and served on a 10-inch bun. This feat of over-eating has to be achieved in less than 45 minutes! As if the Big One burger weren't enough on its own, Daddy O's sends it out with your choice of shake and an order of Frings, which is a “bottomless” basket of classic onion rings and crinkle-cut fries.  Oh yeah - you have to keep it all down for 30 minutes to win the challenge.  Good luck!

So go on over with an empty belly, grab a beer on tap (Fat Tire, Shock Top, Stone IPA, Yellowtail, Negro Modelo) or a glass of wine, test your culinary creativity, and get hooked.  Whether you're a greaser or a social, you'll find something to die for at Daddy-O’s. If you don’t believe me, check out the website's impressive virtual menu with pictures of artfully designed burgers and dogs, tantalizing treats that surely will put Daddy-O’s on your to-do list.

3960 West Point Loma Blvd, Suite J-K
(619) 222-3122

Mon-Sun.  11:00AM to 9:00PM

Happy Hour: Mon.-Thurs.  3pm to 6pm
$2 Dogs
$3 Chili Dogs
$2.50 Pints (non-Stone)
$2 Domestic Bottles