The Linkery to Become a "Brewpub"??

May 31, 2011

On Sunday May 28th, the Linkery updated their Facebook status to say, "I (Jay) have become engaged with the idea of transforming the Linkery into a restaurant/brewery." The update also linked to a blog post called "What'll Be Brewing At the Linkery" from Linkery owner, Jay Porter's blog, entitled "The Farm and The City."

In his post, Porter states that, "...I've recently become semi-obsessed with the idea of the Linkery transforming into a brewpub. 'Brewpub' isn't really the word, I should say either a brewery with an excellent restaurant or an excellent restaurant that brews its own beer." Currently, Porter is planning to move forward with this idea on a "wait-and-see approach" and just wanted to mention his ambition due to his "campaign of 'radical transparency'", as well as the hope that there may be a reader of his blog may know of "a person or company out there who would be perfect to transform what we're doing at the Linkery into a restaurant/brewery combo".

Check out Porter's blog post, as well as our  profile of the Linkery, and feel free to comment below on whether you think the Linkery's transformation is a good idea.