Phil's BBQ | Worth the Line and Then Some

May 29, 2012

By Sean Jackson | Food Reporter

I'm gonna preface this by saying that I am assuming that you like barbecue. So for all the haters out there that don't like BBQ and then do nothing but complain about Phil's, keep it to yourself. If on the other hand, you appreciate the work that goes into the ambrosia known as BBQ, you'll understand where I'm coming from. I shouldn't have to say anything since the line around the building almost every business day silences most critics.

Once you round the corner and get inside, you'll see why this place might as well have its own mint. To your left is a bar with about 20 flat screens playing all the days games, ahead of you is a line to your left for phone ahead carry out orders and to the right the rest of the line for dine-in, and to your right is a sea of more flat screens over tables with families and friends gorging themselves. 

Covering all the classic park/backyard BBQ food, Phil's BBQ is the best home style ribs and food that I have come across in SD. Possibly ever. I can't explain properly how tender the Baby Back Ribs are and how additively sweet and spicy the BBQ sauce is. With the perfect amount of char on the ribs and a generous dosing of the sauce on every plate, you end up over indulging rather than taking anything home. If you laugh at the idea of having paper towels at your table, you'll quickly change your mind when you are covered head to toe in sauce. I love the trough sink by the exit that you can use to shower off when your done. 

The baked beans and French fries sides are a perfect match for the ribs. The beans are the sweet and savory and are great for dipping the fries in. You won't go wrong with the onion rings or the corn on the cob either. They have the only rings I've ever had that don't pull out of the batter when you take the first bite. The potato salad has large chunks of potato if you like that kind and the macaroni salad is some of the better that I've had. The chicken is largely very good and juicy, but occasionally comes out dry - a standard problem with chicken dishes. Bonus points for having an order out line that you can call ahead for.

Always a line!
On the bad side are problems which are largely out of their control and which most businesses would kill for. Even in a recessionary economy, the place manages to have a line around the building and no tables available for sitting. I'm sure that once this economy picks up they will open up another location in mainland SD and it will be the same way there. Another problem is that you are going to put back enough food for about 2 days in one meal and you might fall asleep at the wheel on the way home when that 'itis hits ya.

Bottom line, Phil's BBQ wins. Period

3750 Sports Arena Blvd., Point Loma
(619) 226-6333


Tues.-Thurs., Sun. 11:00am-10:00pm
Fri.-Sat.  11:00am-11:00pm