Happy 100th to San Diego’s Godfather of Beer | Celebrating with Karl Strauss Amber

September 9, 2012

Karl M. Strauss would have celebrated his 100th birthday on October 5th, 2012 and Karl Strauss Brewing Company is honoring San Diego’s Godfather of Beer with the re-release of his namesake and favorite—Karl Strauss Amber.  Karl sparked the craft beer renaissance in San Diego back in 1989 when he helped two gutsy kids open the city’s first craft brewery in more than 50 years.

He was born in a brewery in Minden, Germany, studied brewing at Weihenstephan University, worked for Pabst for 44 years, but is most remembered for his unwavering commitment to quality that helped lay a foundation for San Diego as a leading craft beer destination.  To pay homage to the man who wrote the recipe and inspired a local craft beer movement, the company redesigned the Amber packaging featuring a hand-sketched image of Karl from his younger days.
Karl Strauss Amber is a best-in-class representation of a San Diego session beer brewed with a blend of toasty Munich and sweet caramel malts.   Citrusy Cascade hops balance out the beer for a smooth, crisp finish.  Karl Strauss Amber is packed with rich flavors but its moderate alcohol makes it a great beer for celebrating life’s everyday occasions—just the way Karl intended.  “Karl Strauss Amber is still one of my favorite beers.  It has a bready, caramel flavor that’s easy on the palate and pairs well with a ton of foods,” says Paul Segura, Karl Strauss Brewmaster.  “Every time I drink a pint, I toast Karl.”

Karl Strauss Amber is a highly decorated beer, taking home triple silvers at the 2012 San Diego International Beer Competition, Los Angeles Commercial Beer Competition, and California State Fair.  Draft Magazine also rated “this pristine amber” a 96/100.  Karl Strauss Amber will be available on draft and in 6-packs across California beginning early September.

Karl Strauss Amber Stats:
4.5% ABV
18 IBUs                
15 SRM

Karl spent his life making beer. He believed that behind every beer recipe was an inspiration, and behind every pint was a story waiting to be told. Karl Strauss Amber was his story, a story that challenged and inspired a new generation of brewers. Today we brew our own stories, while raising a pint to the man and the beer that started it all.

For more information on Karl Martin Strauss, and to get a look at a man behind the legend, check out the video below.  You can cheers the godfather of beer with a Karl Strauss Amber at any of the 7 Karl Strauss Brewery Restaurants around San Diego or to go at your local grocery.