Bencotto Italian Kitchen is First in San Diego to Earn International Accolades with a “Q” Rating for Best in Class for Authentic Italian Quality Dining

January 19, 2013

Bencotto Italian Kitchen is proud to announce its receipt of the coveted “Q” (Quality/Qualità) rating from the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce West, an award giving San Diego’s “Best Italian Restaurant” global recognition as a truly authentic Italian restaurant. Bencotto is one of the first restaurants in San Diego to be given this world-renowned identification.  

The “Ospitalita’ Italiana Seal – Italian restaurants in the world” is an initiative born in 1997 to develop the quality of service in the hospitality industry. Conceived by UNIONCAMERE (National Association of the Chambers of Commerce in Italy) in collaboration with IS.NA.R.T (National Institute for Touristic Researches) and FIPE (Italian leader association in the restaurant and catering industry), the project aims at qualifying the restaurants that respect outstanding standards of Italian hospitality.

Inside Bencotto!
“To earn the “Q” rating, the Italian cuisine must be considered a contribution to the world heritage of Italy,” said Letizia Miccoli, Executive Director of the Italy-America Chamber of Commerce West.  “And Bencotto Italian Kitchen is now officially part of our recommended “Q” rated Italian restaurants.”

Coincidently located in the “Q” building in the heart of Little Italy, Bencotto Italian Kitchen provides handmade, northern Italian dishes in an environment reflecting its founders, Guido Nistri and Valentina Di Pietro. Since opening Bencotto in 2010 they became part of a young generation of Italians celebrating their culinary heritage by presenting it in a modern, relaxed and inviting dining experience. Bencotto recently expanded its family of restaurants with Monello, similarly created to pay tribute to the heart and soul of true Northern Italian food and lifestyle.

Bencotto's Cioppino 
“We are proud of this designation as it reflects our intent to bring an authentic Italian dining experience to San Diego,” said Guido Nistri, co-founder of Bencotto Italian Kitchen and Monello.  “I share this honor with our executive chef Fabrizio Cavallini, our staff and of course my wife and co-founder, Valentina.  Together, we share great pride in this achievement.”

The Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad are deeply involved in the process of certification of the Italian Restaurants who aspire to receive the “Marchio Ospitalità Italiana”. The process is complex with multiple reviews of authenticity for such items as: use of Italian language, wine list, restaurant design and decor, experience and proficiency in Italian cooking, and more.  Up-to-date, 47 restaurants have been given the “Q” certifications across California including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Orange County.

Founded in 2009, Bencotto Italian Kitchen is recognized as the “Best Italian” restaurant by San Diego Magazine along with countless recognitions.  Serving northern Italian cuisine for lunch and dinner in San Diego’s Little Italy community, Bencotto offers a unique approach to Italian cooking traditions, offering hand made “home style” dishes in an environment that reflects the owners’ celebration of Italian culinary heritage in a modern, relaxed, and inviting restaurant.

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