Three Chefs Take Three Ways Into the Kitchen | Three Chefs From Three Restaurants Will Host Three Course Dinners

Top to Bottom: Lockhart, Dolinky, Graves
February 21, 2013

No longer is the idea of being asked to participate in a threesome an awkward, off-putting concept when it comes to the culinary world. This March, a trio of chefs are embracing the idea and jumping into the kitchen together to host a series of Three-Way Dinners. The culinary crew consists of Donald Lockhart of Cusp Dining & Drinks, Simon Dolinky of Saltbox, and Christian Graves of Jsix, all sister restaurants of Kimpton. Known for their great food and laid-back personalities, the city’s hottest triad will collaborate on a series of three-course dinners held between their three restaurants. The first event is March 14, and will take place at Cusp Dining & Drinks. Guests can embark on this eating adventure for a mere $35 per person, gaining you access to three chefs for the price of one.

Seasonal ingredients will inspire the dishes served at each Three-Way Dinner. March’s ingredient will highlight peas. Since the first event is held on Lockhart’s turf, he will be responsible for preparing the entrée. Chef Graves will tackle the appetizer, while Dolinky whips up dessert. Peas have to be incorporated into each course, though they don’t have to be the star ingredient. Each chef will also create an amuse-bouche to be served at the start of the meal. Working together like three peas in a pod, the menu will showcase each chef’s talent, inventiveness, and individual cooking style.

A cocktail pairing by the host restaurant’s resident bartender will be available to order at each dinner for an additional cost. Guests who plan to follow the traveling act of chefs can anticipate seasonal vegetables at future events.  The next Three-Way will be held in August at Jsix, with the menu highlighting the flavors of tomato. November’s dinner will take place at Saltbox and will feature squash.

Please call Cusp Dining & Drinks at 858-551-3620 in advance to make reservations for the March 14 dinner, which will start at 7 p.m.