A Healthy and Spiritual Festival Experience at the Inaugural V Elements Fest | Coming to Liberty Station April 6th

March 21, 2013

On Saturday April 6th, Liberty Station will be grounds for the inaugural V Elements (5 Elements) Festival, a celebration of life, yoga, music, culture and sustainability. There will be yoga classes by day, led by some of the most sought after instructors California has to offer, and electronic, funk, hip hop, soul and world music by night from local, regional and national touring artists.  V Elements Festival will focus on balancing the five elements represented by earth, wind, fire, water, and space and will portray this through the use of yoga, music, community, health and environment. Other unique offerings include healthy food options, a libations garden, free massages, Dr. Bronner's ALL-One Ark Village, a SurfRider sponsored panel, the largest solar powered stage in the country and much more!

Presented by Alternative Power Productions, The Madero Group and Indie Yoga, and benefiting the Surfrider Foundation San Diego Chapter, the V Elements Festival will offer a one of a kind experience unlike any other festival in San Diego.  Throughout the day, the Alternative Power Productions' solar powered stage will host yoga instructors, each paired with live music to further connect internal rhythms of participants in hopes of using energy, movement and music to awaken a new level of mindfulness.   The lineup features selected Californian teachers rooted in Yogic tradition, who will use their skills to help festival-goers break free from the daily routine and discover the Oneness of life.  Yoga classes will seek to balance the internal Fire, Water, Earth and Wind elements, as attendees celebrate together in the Fifth Element - Space.  San Diego yoga studio partners includes Bird Rock Yoga, Pilgrimage of the Heart Yoga, Namaste, Sol Yoga, Riffs Acoustic Music  Yoga Yard, Yoga Six, The Nest, and Kai Yoga.

Co-organizer Mark McLarry of Alternative Power Productions provides some insight into the motivation behind the festival: "For us, music, health and environment go hand in hand. V Elements Festival is a platform to promote sustainability, and both yoga and music promote health. Yoga and music do this physically and mentally through breath, dance, movement and stillness. It allows you in that moment to let go of the daily stresses of life. There is an expression in yoga. Take what you learn on the mat and apply it to the real world. That is what we hope to accomplish with V Elements. Breathe..."

Nahko & Medicine For The People
Music will play a key role at V Elements as world renowned musicians will grace the stage in an effort to bring festival goers together with the gift of music.  Musical performances include The Grouch & Eligh, Zion I, Govinda, David Starfire, Nahko and Medicine for the People, Sir Charles, Mikey Lion, Dink, Michael Divinity, Dub Sutra and DJ Lakshmi. Original music and visuals in all areas will provide an ambiance of celebration and fun. Guests are encouraged to dance if they want and to engage with the music and visuals around them.

V Elements will also feature some of the best sustainable food and drink vendors from around San Diego, including Stone Brewing Co., Brew Dream Kombucha Wine, FITzee Foods, Go Raw, Green Truck, Lazy Hummingbird and Gage's Global Gourmet.

Be free :)
The Dr. Bronners' All-One-Ark Village will provide a highly entertaining, educational and progressive spa experience at V Elements. Most showers at festivals (if they exist at all) are solitary short experiences, taken only for practical purposes in a sterile, uncool environment. The Dr. Bronners' All-One Ark Village is different (see video below) - showers are taken with friends, old and new, in a celebratory way to get clean. Through the rich emollient Dr. Bronner's soap foam blasted on one another, guests are instantaneously lathered up, soon ready to be rinsed clean. After a days worth of yoga, there will be no need to head home and shower before the music. Dressing rooms are provided so bring your suit for the tub and a change of clothes.  There will also be a firetruck, an equipment trailer to heat water and run showers, a giant Bronner Bottle Tower, dressing rooms, a hair wash station, mirror set up, lubrication station, product education station and enthusiastic Bronner staff to bring a fun vibe!

Alternative Healing Network will be providing a “Healing Arts Pavilion” providing massage and other treatments throughout the yoga sessions and the first half of the day for no additional charge to attendees. The Alternative Healing Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that promotes the use of integrative healing arts and improves access to ‘alternative’ health care for under-served populations.

Focused on energy usage and carbon management, V Elements will integrate sustainability throughout the entire event through the use of alternatively powered production, which includes the largest solar-powered stage in the country, solar trailers, and biodiesel. Other unique sustainable offerings will include paperless marketing, bike valet, shuttle points, Zero Waste management and more. Five Elements will be the greenest yoga, music and arts festival in the country!

Tickets for the V Elements Fest are currently $25 for the yoga portion, $20 for the music portion, or $40 for combined music and yoga all day tickets.  Tickets can be purchased online and at a number of locations around San Diego, and join a SurfRider Beach Clean Up for a chance to win tickets.  All tickets purchased will include renewable energy credit, offsetting ticket buyers' estimated travel emissions to and from the event thanks to CarbonFund.org. The Five Elements Fest starts at 9am and goes until 12am.

For more information on V Elements, visit the website and follow on Facebook.