Get Green With Bargain! | Recapping Point Loma Grocery Outlet's St. Patrick's Day Party

March 18, 2013

By Heather Reineke | SanDiegoVille Contributor

SanDiegoVille covered the opening of the East Village Grocery Outlet with Sam the Cooking Guy back in August and thoroughly enjoyed the event so I was elated when I found out I would be attending a St. Patrick's Day event hosted by Point Loma Grocery Outlet - Get GREEN with Bargains!  Perhaps it's the constant reminder of the "fiscal cliff" and the "budget deficit" (or maybe just the media's desire to make us believe we're all poor), but if you're like me, you probably find yourself downloading coupon apps on your smartphone and hoarding every imaginable online deal-of-the-day just to save a little extra cash.  This is why I was super pumped when I heard about the Point Loma Grocery Outlet and their business model designed to save shoppers some serious cash.

Point Loma Grocery Outlet is able to pass on huge savings to customers by offering products for which factories have changed the packaging or have surplus, or when large retailers make orders and cancel them.  The food is 100% guaranteed and the customer service is fabulous.  If you like saving money, I highly recommend making them the first stop in your grocery routine.  To give you an idea of the savings, last week, I picked up a few items on the grocery list, including my beloved Amy's organic gluten free mac and cheese (usually retailing for $4.99 elsewhere, it was $1.99!!!), and saved $70 on my trip!  When the cashier read off my savings, I had to re-look at the receipt and I'm pretty sure my reaction was similar to that really obnoxious Staple's commercial where the guy exclaims, "WOW, that's a low price!" 

The event offered a meet-and-greet with the incredibly charismatic and crafty Sam the Cooking Guy as well as a sampling of his food.  He was challenged with the task of using the ingredients from Point Loma Grocery Outlet to cook up some tasty treats for those in attendance.  He began by tossing some shrimp into a wok and serving it up street taco style with corn tortillas, cabbage, and a delicious chipotle sour cream sauce.  Sam then brought out some corn salad which he created using canned corn that he fired up in the wok until it tasted as if it had been roasted, YUM!  His last trick was to delight the crowd with some blue cheese gnocchi that involved melting blue cheese crumbles into a pot of whipping cream, and adding peas, bacon, and gnocchi.  Everything was delicious and I was quite impressed with Sam's ability to meet the culinary needs of the masses while also simultaneously signing books and taking photos with fans like myself!  Not to mention, he was also kind enough to point out his favorite recipe in his book Just a Bunch of Recipes - can't wait to try your Black Bean Salmon, Sam!

Moral of the story, Sam brings home the basics when it comes to food and yet is able to produce elegant and delicious menus, straight from the shelves of Grocery Outlet, for a bargain price! What's better than that?

Be sure to check out Point Loma Grocery Outlet located at 3948 W. Point Loma Blvd. and follow them on Facebook for upcoming deals and events!