San Diego's Whole Foods Markets Each to Open Unique Brewpub Restaurant

Just a sampling of the taps at The Trifecta Tavern at Del Mar
Whole Foods Market
March 2, 2013

"Kids - Mommy & Daddy are running to the grocery store!"  "Honey, let me know if you want me to pick up anything from Whole Foods!"  These phrases will become far more prevalent as food shopping takes on a whole new appeal.  Local Whole Foods Markets are embracing San Diego's craft beer scene and opening up unique brewpub restaurant concepts in each of San Diego's locations - Hillcrest, La Jolla, and the newly opened Del Mar.  By the end of next week, patrons will be able to grab a bite and brew before, during, or after their shopping experience, from right inside the market.

Great for people watching!
This March, San Diego Whole Foods Markets will each open a unique, casual brewpub from right inside of the grocery store.  La Jolla's restaurant is called Torrey Pints, Hillcrest's is named 7th Avenue Pub, and Del Mar's embraces its race track locale with the name Trifecta Tavern.  Each will serve a variety of dishes, offer wines by the glass or bottle, and boast 20-30 tap beers.  In addition to standard pub fare, Del Mar's Trifecta Tavern intends to serve a variety of flat breads, sushi rolls, and other dishes featuring local produce and Homegrown Meats.

Whole Foods Markets are incorporating restaurant space into several of their new stores.  While California law precludes patrons from walking around the store with beer or wine, in states like Arizona, the company takes the concept a step further - even including cup holders in their shopping carts to encourage drinking while shopping.  Even though shopping while boozing isn't permitted in SoCal, several of the locations have prime people watching from the eatery, as well as outdoor patio seating.  Each location also plans to offer happy hour specials, with more details to come as information is sorted out, so stay tuned!