Part Three of SanDiegoVille's 4-Part Series: An Interview with San Diego MasterChef Contestant Lynn Chyi

Photo by Greg Gayne/Fox
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June 25, 2013

Moving forward with our Fox's MasterChef finalists 4 Part Interview Series, today we relish in the love San Diego gets from Lynn Chyi, a photographer, the technical director at The Sam The Cooking Guy Livecast and one of the frontrunners in this season's fierce primetime cooking competition.
What do you believe San Diego's greatest asset/contribution to the culinary world to be? 

The greatest asset San Diego has is our products. We get the best seafood and produce from a variety of top notch vendors. And as a bonus, they're available to the public! Have you been to Specialty Produce yet?!

Photo by Greg Gayne/Fox
Copyright 2013 Fox Broadcasting
What are your three favorite places to dine in San Diego, and what dishes are not to miss? 

This list changes constantly. I'll tell you what I had recently that was special: fresh truffle fries from Opera Cafe and Patisserie off Scranton (Mira Mesa/805). The food and dessert from D Bar, a restaurant owned by Chef Keegan Gerhard of Food Network Challenge fame, get the pork belly (PBLT) sandwich and their Cake n' Shake for dessert. And finally anything that MIHO Gastrotruck dishes out, especially their burgers. Unfortunately you can only find them in a couple places now during the week. Or you can have them cater! I'm doing it for my wedding.

What is your favorite San Diego neighborhood and why? 

Little Italy is a perennial favorite for my fiancee Stacey and I.  The Mercato Farmers' Market is a San Diego treasure.

Let us in on your favorite recipe. 

I have very fond memories Sam's Black Bean Salmon. One of the first Sam the Cooking Guy recipes I tried. Probably the one that got me hooked.

SanDiegoVille just loves Sam the Cooking Guy. How has he inspired you? 

Working with Sam has been a real privilege. His philosophy of "good food doesn't have to be complicated" has really influenced my philosophy as well. I cook with far less ingredients now and I've never been happier about it.

Your favorite dish is a favorite Mexi-Cali staple. Where in SD do you get the best carne asada fries? 

That is a LOADED question. It's like asking who your favorite child is. Or more relevantly, what your favorite San Diego craft beer is. The classic to me is Rigobertos on Miramar. However, Lolitas has great fries as well, and for extra deliciousness (and comedic value) Vallarta Express' "Jesus Fries" (fried egg and bacon on top). Probably the best I've had recently is El Patron's surf and turf fries.

Yet your favorite type of cuisine is that of the notoriously-refined French. Where in San Diego have you found the best French food? Have you been to Bleu Boheme's happy hour? And who dishes out the best Asian cuisine? 

A long time ago, there was this French restaurant called Roseville, it was my absolute favorite. It's long gone now. I've been to Bleu Boheme for restaurant week and I thought it was great too, excellent food. I'm going to go check out happy hour now! If you want some tasty (and inexpensive) Taiwanese food, check out Liang's Kitchen in Clairemont Mesa.

Root for San Diego's own Lynn Chyi on Fox's hit cooking competition MasterChef on Wednesdays at 8pm.

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