Over 1,000 Filmakers Anxious to See Who Will Win the San Diego 10th Annual 48 Hour Film Project | Best of San Diego Screening and Wrap Up Party August 10th

August 7, 2013

The 10th Annual 48 Hour Film Project brought together over 1,000 professional and aspiring filmmakers and film enthusiasts for a high-stress battle to see who could create the best 5-7 minute short film in 48 hours.  This year's event is coming to a close with a Best of San Diego Screening scheduled for August 10th at Reading Cinemas Gaslamp 15, followed by the Wrap Party at SummerSalt Rooftop Pool and Lounge at Hotel Palomar.

This year’s competition happened from July 12th – 14th when 72 teams randomly drew different film genres like dark comedy, suspense, musical and western. Regardless of the genre drawn, three elements were required to be included in every film:

Character - Mac or Margaret McCarthy (Interpreter)
Prop - Garden hose
Line  - "You know what I mean?"

The teams then scrambled all weekend to write a script, costume the actors, rehearse, shoot, edit and score. Films were due Sunday early evening and the last few minutes before the deadline many filmmakers, operating on little sleep and lots of adrenaline, rushed to get their films in on time. This year, 71 of the 72 teams submitted a completed film, which meant this year’s competition had the highest percentage of submitted films in the 10 year history of the event here in San Diego.

Open to the general public, Premiere Screenings of each film from this year’s competition ran July 30th – August 1st  where Audience Choice winners were selected in each screening.

Twelve films from the entire competition will also be selected to be screened at the Best of San Diego Screening and Awards Gala on August 10th, starting at 6pm.  Energy at this open-to-the-public event is exceptionally high as attendees walk the red carpet and enjoy live musical performances by local musicians. Ultimately at the Hollywood-styled event the winning San Diego film will be announced as well as other awards such as Best Actor and Best Actress, etc. The winning film will go on to compete internationally for the coveted title of Best 48 Hour Film Project Film of 2013. A Wrap Party will follow immediately after the Best of San Diego screening at Hotel Palomar’s SummerSalt Rooftop Pool and Lounge.

Tickets are $18 (includes Best of Screening and admission to Wrap Party) and can be purchased online at sd48hfp.ticketbud.com/premierescreenings.  Admission to the Wrap Party is $5 without admission to the screenings.