Eight of San Diego's Best Chefs Converge for an Opus to Swine | The Heavenly Hog Fall Pig Out Takes Over La Valencia Hotel This Friday, October 11

October 8, 2013

This Friday, October 11th, eight of San Diego's top chefs will join forces at the historic La Valencia Hotel for a hog wild event unlike any other. The inaugural Heavenly Hog Fall Pig Out will feature eight courses of porky goodness, as each of the eight chefs blindly selected a part of the pig to feature in his dish, ensuring nothing goes to waste. And if eight courses of swine weren't enough, each dish will be paired with a boozy beverage of the chef's choosing, enabling each chef to fully craft the experience for their course.

Originally set to be held at the Handlery Hotel, this event has since been moved to The Pink Lady.  In addition to location, the line up of chefs has changed a bit, as Chef Anthony Sinsay, now at Herringbone Los Angeles, and Chef Tommy Fraioli of Sea Rocket Bistro were to participate, but have since been substituted.

Chef Matt Richman's pig head
porchetta is underway!
So who are the eight participating chefs, and who is cooking what? The random selections have been made, and Chef Kyle Bergman, formerly of Ritual Tavern and now at The Mediterranean Room at La Valencia, will be preparing pork belly. Chef Jeff Bonilla of Sea & Smoke is preparing the loin. Chef Olivier Bioteau of Farm House Cafe will be preparing ribs. Chef Rich Sweeney of R Gang Eatery/Southpaw Social Club will be preparing trotters/shanks. Chef Matt Richman of Table 926 will be preparing the pig's head. Chef Hanis Cavin of Carnitas Snack Shack will be preparing the skin/fat. Chef Karl Prohaska of the Handlery Hotel will be preparing shoulders/butts. And the host of the evening, Chef Daniel Barron holds a wild card, permitting him to pick the part(s) of his choosing. Nate Soroko from Toronado SD will assist the chefs in pairing beverages, and the order of the courses will be set according to each chef's menu (full menu listed below).

"The Heavenly Hog Pig Out was too great of an event to let it not take place," explained La Valencia Executive Chef Daniel Barron. "We're very excited to be able to host it. Although only a small event, this will go down as one of the coolest of the year."

Each and every participating chef loves pork and this culinary romance is certain to shine through their respective dishes. Only 75 tickets to this pork extravaganza will be sold at the cost of $125 per person (and can be purchased online). The pairings will be stunning. The garden at the picturesque La Valencia will be enchanting, and the night will truly be one of a kind.

La Valencia Hotel is located at 1132 Prospect Street in La Jolla.  For more information, visit the event page at lavalencia.com/events/the-heavenly-hog-fall-pig-out, and check out the full menu below (subject to change).

1st Course - Trotters And Shanks
Trotter And Shank Tater Tots
Rich Sweeney
R-Gang Eatery

2nd Course - Shoulder
Seared Diver Scallop With Smoke Roasted Shredded Pork, Tasso Risotto, And Pea Puree.
Karl Prohaska
The Handlery Hotel

3rd Course - Whats Left
Whole Animal Plate
Daniel Barron
La Valencia Hotel

4th Course - Head
Porchetta Di Testa With The Pigs Head. With A Salad Of Roquette, Local Radishes, Citrus, Pickled Fennel, Pistachios.
Matt Richman
Table 926

5th Course - Ribs
Orange-Fennel Pork Rib Confit
Purple Mustard,Smoked Potato Puree
Roasted Brussel Sprout, Cipollini Onions, Chanterelle Stone Mustard Jus
Olivier Bioteau
Farmhouse Cafe

6th Course - Belly
English Breakfast.
48hour Pork Belly/Crispy Black Pudding/Brûlée Quail Egg/Smoked Tomato Gel.
Kyle Bergman

7th Course - Loin
Loin/ Sweet Potato/ Acid
Jeff Bonilla
Sea And Smoke

La Valencia Culinary Team

Dessert - Fat And Skin
Mezcal Cake / Lardo Gelato / Candied Smoked Skin / Chicharron Brittle Paired With Mezcal
Hanis Cavin
Carnitas Snack Shack