Three Birds Are Better Than One | Don't Miss Iowa Meat Farms & Siesel's Meats 9th Annual Turducken Festival on November 9

October 26, 2013

Whether passing a football, watching a parade, or a preparing a classic family recipe, everyone has their favorite holiday tradition! The butchers at Iowa Meat Farms and Siesel's once again invite you to join them in celebration of their favorite tradition - the kick off of the Turducken season! On Saturday November 9 from 11am to 4pm, these poultry professionals will be providing attendees with their best tips on creating memorable and delectable holiday menu items, and of course the opportunity to sample this holiday masterpiece as well as special turducken gravy and the simple-to-prepare turducken rolls!

Winners of “Best Meat Shop" from San Diego Magazine and the San Diego Reader, Siesel’s Old Fashioned Meats and Iowa Meat Farms have offered the utmost in quality meats, poultry, game and accompanying ingredients, condiments and beverages for a combined 71 years.  For nearly a decade, Iowa Meat's and Siesel's expert butchers have been creating San Diego’s only fresh, farm-quality Turduckens made exclusively behind the counter in their specialty meat lockers. With over 500 sold every season, this culinary masterpiece combines not one, not two, but THREE birds with an assortment of savory seasonings and flavorful trimmings to yield one tasty twist on tradition.

Last year, Executive Chef Chris Brill sent attendees home with the debut recipe for a delicious Turducken gravy, but this year, he’s cutting out the leg work and making it personally for you! Pairing perfectly with your Turducken, regular bird, roast duck or chicken, or even a pork roast, IMF’s Turducken Gravy is the perfect way to elevate any dish and is available in limited supply at both stores.

IMF & Siesel’s housemade Turduckens are a Cajun creation comprised of a semi-boneless turkey stuffed with sage & sausage dressing, wrapped around a boneless duck with Cajun cornbread with Andouille sausage stuffing, wrapped around a chicken stuffed with apple-cinnamon raisin dressing...can you say TRI-FECTA?!

Learn to prepare a grand Turducken feast on Nov. 9, then bring one home for your own holiday meal.  The Grand Feast weighs in at an astounding 20lbs, feeding up to 30 people, and is priced at $125. The Family Gathering is a 15lbs 'small' Turducken, and feeds up to 20 people for $99. The Intimate Evening is offered for groups of 8 to 10, as this mini Turducken would do the trick at the cost of $70. Less is more with the Easy Prep, as this Turducken comes in the form of a roll, is completely boneless and all breast meat! This bird feeds 10 - 15 and comes in at $60.

IMF’s master meatcutters will be providing delicious live demos, savory samples, tips on holiday entertaining and of course taking custom Turdrucken orders during its 9th Annual Turducken Festival, held at both stores on Saturday, November 9.

Iowa Meat Farms is located at 6041 Mission Gorge Road and Siesel's Meats is located at 4131 Ashton Street. For more information, call Iowa Meat Farms at (619) 281-5766, Siesel’s Old Fashioned Meats at (619) 275-1234 or visit