Papa Luna’s Empanadas Opens Downtown Just in Time for National Empanada Day

March 11, 2014

In honor of National Empanada Day, Papa Luna’s will be offering San Diego customers a buy one  get one free deal on empanadas (limit one per customer). The promotion will be available Monday, April 9 at both their Pacific Beach store as well as in their new downtown location, which recently opened in late February at 1050 Columbia Street.

“The empanada is the go-­to street food in Argentina; it’s part of the culture.” says owner and visionary of Papa Luna’s Empanadas, Simon Baer. Baer’s vision came to fruition while traveling throughout Argentina, “You can find it in nearly every form, vendor, social situation, etc.”

There is debate as to where the dish originated; some trace the empanada back to Spain, while others claim it goes as far back to ancient Persia. Despite its uncertain origins, the empanada spread to other regions out of Europe. From Latin America, to Africa, each culture created their own version of the sweet or savory filled dough. National Empanada Day celebrates the traditional food item that has become a staple of countries across the world for being easy to eat by hand and a very customizable creation.

Papa Luna’s specializes in the Argentine style of empanada, a smaller, half moon shaped treat and caters to both new and old world tastes. More contemporary fillings include the Caribbean empanada, blackened ahi, mango salsa and Napa cabbage served with a Sriracha cream sauce. Traditional Argentine flavors such as the Carne Molida, filled with beef, raisins, egg and green olives, are also emphasized.

“We have definitely created our own version of the empanada,” says Baer. “We’ve baked it, mixed up the ingredients, thrown them back in and created a few new monsters that people seem to love.”

The new downtown location features espresso along with its handmade empanada and salad options, making in an easy breakfast or lunch stop for downtown professionals. Papa Luna’s conveniently packages its empanadas, making it easy for those on­ the­ go and office catering.

Papa Luna’s new downtown location is located at 1050 Columbia Street. It's open Monday­-Friday from 7am - 6pm. Papa Luna’s Empanadas in Pacific Beach is located at 1404 Garnet Avenue, and its hours are Sunday­ - Thursday from 11am - 9pm and Friday and Saturday from 11am - 11pm. For more information, visit