Prepkitchen La Jolla Finishes New Patio Just In Time for 5th Anniversary

March 7, 2014

After nearly eight weeks of construction, the wait (and rain) is over as Prepkitchen La Jolla’s unveils a charming new outdoor patio just in time for its Five Year Anniversary.  The spacious, fully-revamped space provides guests with a relaxed setting where they can linger over the artisanal items on Chef Ryan Johnston’s inventive menu.  Offering a quaint respite from the daily grind, the sleek new facade serves as a bridge between the restaurant and the neighboring stores that surround Sycamore Court, an area that has seen little change over the last decade.

Highlights of Prepkitchen's new patio include built-in wooden benches that provide comfortable seating for 28-32 guests; state-of-the art heaters, allowing San Diegans to enjoy outdoor dining year-round; sleek, contemporary lighting installation; and natural tones that seamlessly blend with the coastal ambiance of the resort community.

Prepkitchen La Jolla is located at 7556 Fay Avenue. For more information, visit
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