Chef Amy DiBiase's New Restauraunt 'Tidal' Partners with Craft Beverage Connoisseurs, Snake Oil Cocktail Company

April 6, 2014

To complement a culinary menu where “craft and catch” converge, Snake Oil Cocktail Company will create the specialty cocktail list for San Diego’s highly anticipated new dining concept, Tidal, opening April 10 at Paradise Point Resort & Spa. With Chef Amy DiBiase at the helm, Tidal will offer a thoughtfully curated selection of local seafood and seasonal dishes in a panoramic waterfront setting on Mission Bay.

Working together with the Tidal team, Snake Oil has designed a craft cocktail menu that concentrates on inventive mixology. Snake Oil mixologist, Frankie Thaheld, formerly head culinary mixologist at George’s California Modern, and company co-founder Michael Esposito collaborated closely with Chef Amy to design an artful culinary-driven cocktail program that enhances and reflects her food. At the heart of this ongoing collaboration is both parties’ slow food-inspired focus on seasonality and locally sourced produce from San Diego farms.

Snake Oil Cocktail Co-Founder Michael Esposito
While in line with a city-wide shift towards craft beverage offerings, Snake Oil’s mixology philosophy lends the Tidal menu a distinction among its contemporaries. Snake Oil centers on a demand for quality, innovation and sustainable ingredients, balancing the flavor of their cocktails before the spirit even enters the picture.

“What we have found is that other bar programs tend to focus too much on the base spirit, and so the flavor and creativity can get lost in the liquor,” said Esposito. “At Tidal, we have carefully selected bourbons, vodkas, and tequilas for conscientious quality and the flavor they add. But for us, the real star of the show is in the fresh seasonal produce and the culinary component. This balance makes for the perfect libation.”

The Snake Oil menu at Tidal will feature 10 exquisitely designed cocktails at a time. Embracing local and seasonal elements, this lineup will evolve alongside the fare put forth by Chef Amy. Some cleverly crafted highlights on the inaugural menu include the ‘Rainbow Fish Punch’ and the ‘Crown Point Cocktail.’ The first is comprised of Buffalo Trace bourbon whiskey, smashed strawberry and rhubarb, pressed lemon, molasses and a vanilla reduction. The latter is fashioned with Aperol, Barenjäger, crushed kumquat, local craft IPA and sprig of thyme.

In addition to unique cocktails, Tidal will offer an impressive collection of boutique wines and craft beers sourced from Southern California. The artisanal beverage program also extends to include non-alcoholic drinks in the form of table side pressed coffee service from local purveyor Cafe Barbera, featuring beans gathered from Brazil, Central America and Indonesia, as well as a selection of organic loose leaf teas from Global Teas of Napa.

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