Second-Annual CicloSDias Cherished by More Than 12,000 Riders Within the Pacific Beach Community

Former Mayor - Councilman Todd Gloria
enjoying an open road for CicloSDias!
April 16, 2014

Two weeks ago, on Sunday, March 30, more than 12,000 people filled 2.5 miles of streets in Pacific Beach to walk, skate, bike, scoot, dance, skip, and even do yoga during San Diego’s second-annual CicloSDias. San Diego County Bicycle Coalition, the main sponsor of the open-streets celebration, continues to receive thanks and positive feedback about CicloSDias and the healthy impact it had on the Pacific Beach community.
“I can speak for my own business knowing that we did very well that day,” says Eddie Okino, owner of Turquoise Coffee along the CicloSDias route. “Now that the businesses in my section of North Pacific Beach have a better handle on what the event is all about, we’ll all be much more engaged next time, which will result in even greater sales.”

With the help of Discover PB, the Bicycle Coalition planned the route to include more than 500 businesses, providing optimal pit stops for crowds rolling by and supporting the local businesses that define San Diego’s neighborhoods. From the open streets, groups of people shared beers in a pub on Cass Street, shopped along Garnet Avenue or picked up information on bicycling in San Diego at the Bike Coalition hub. According to organizers and volunteers, folks from all over the county migrated to Pacific Beach to experience the one-of-a-kind event, and the local residents were especially pleased with what the event brought to their neighborhood.

They came out in all shapes and sizes!
“Our entire family had a great time yesterday riding along the streets without cars. Zoe, my eight year-old, told me she wants this to happen once a month, and Joel, my five year-old, told me this was ‘awesome’,” Pacific Beach resident Susan Levin said in an email to event organizers. “Please let all the folks who had a hand in putting CicloSDias on know that I enjoyed the opportunity to ride around our beautiful community without worrying about the cars.”

The Bike Coalition advocates for and protects the rights of all people who ride bicycles and share the dream of making San Diego a place that embraces open, livable communities. For a few hours each year, CicloSDias creates an opportunity for residents to experience this vision with their local businesses, neighbors, families and friends by their side.

The date and location for the third-ever CicloSDias remains in the planning stages, but San Diego can count on another open streets celebration before the end of 2014.

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