Turquoise Cellars Teams with Bare Bones Broth and Heart & Trotter Butchery for Paleo Partnership Dinner | Kicks Off Health-Conscious Spring Cuisine on April 27

April 20, 2014

On Sunday, April 27, local Paleo advocates will come together at Turquoise Cellars to demystify the aptly named “Caveman Diet,” with their individual farm-to-table approach. With speeches by the butchers, chefs and Paleo experts, guests will be able to enjoy a primal, health focused menu while learning about the process and ideal preparation of a grass-fed, Paleo diet. In honor of spring, the all-Paleo menu will feature lamb from the Heart & Trotter Butchery and be a collaboration between Turquoise Cellars Chef Taylor Martin-Funk and Bare Bones Broth chef and owner Ryan Harvey. Guests will be treated to a lamb meatball upon arrival, and each course will be accompanied by wine pairings hand selected by Rafael Peterson of Turquoise Cellars, Certified Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers.

The Heart & Trotter is a locally sourced, whole animal, grass-fed butchery which recently signed a lease for a space at 2855 El Cajon Blvd. on the corner of Utah and El Cajon. Founded by college friends, James Holtslag and Trey Nichols, they aim to educate San Diego about the health benefits of eating hormone, chemical and antibiotic-free pasture-raised livestock. Nichols says, “We strive to be more connected to the food we buy - we need to know what these animals were given or fed to grow since that is ultimately what we’re putting back in our bodies.”

Harvey, who also works with Pete’s Paleo, will be using the bones provided by the Heart & Trotter to create a lamb broth. Grass-fed bone broths are a common addition to the Paleo diet, Harvey says, “humans have been making and using broths for their healing and nutritional properties since ancient times.”

Turquoise Cellars
Turquoise Cellars Chef Taylor utilizes his degree in Nutritional Sciences from Johnston & Wales Culinary Program to create small plates that provide health benefits. “I believe in adding diversity and a sense of adventure into meals while choosing more nutrient-rich ingredients” says Chef Taylor.

Turquoise Cellars is a small plates, craft beer, and wine bar in North Pacific Beach. They host quarterly Paleo dinners to celebrate health-conscious and sustainable living. Last Fall, the sold-out event featured a harvest themed menu in keeping with the season’s flavors and available produce.

The Paleo diet’s core values consist of returning to human nutritional roots in the Paleolithic Era, considered to be between 2.5 million and 20,000 years ago. The paleo diet is based upon eating whole, unprocessed foods that were regularly consumed by humans prior to the invention of modern agriculture. Grains and dairy are two of the largest food groups that are eliminated. Paleo enthusiasts list increased energy, reduced inflammation, and improved overall health as a few of the benefits of the diet.

The five-course menu will be as follows:

1. Spring Salad
Shaved asparagus, beet, radish, shiso, pistachio crumble, strawberry gelee, lamb marrow vinaigrette
2. Braised Lamb Pho
Rillete of lamb, lamb broth, basil oil, fresh mint, sprouts
3. Lamb Sausage
Purple cabbage puree, granny smith, jicama, mint pesto
4. Lamb Porchetta Roulade
Brown butter, sweet potato, parsnip, hen of the woods, hazelnut & fig relish, lamb sauce,
5. Fennel Panna Cotta
Candied lamb bacon, pomegranate port reduction, wild fennel

Italian wine pairings will accompany each course, specially selected by Sommelier Rafael Peterson. The event will run from 5-9PM on Sunday April 27 at Turquoise Cellars, located at 5026 Cass Street in Pacific Beach. Tickets are $75 and can be purchased online at brownpapertickets.com/event/631337, or by emailing [email protected].

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