Remedy Is Ready to Transform Your Life One Meal at a Time | Local Company Delivers Weekly Organic Meals Right to Your Door

May 22, 2014

In this day and age of the go, go, go mentality, it's difficult to find the time to prepare flavorful and nutritious meals, especially on a daily basis. Remedy Foods has the answer. This San Diego based company provides a deliciously innovative solution to the everyday problem of eating healthy in a busy world. Instead of stressing about what to make for dinner, or what to pack for lunch, members can receive 100% organic, non-GMO meal deliveries right to their door! We recently had the pleasure of enjoying a week of packed lunches from Remedy and very much appreciated the convenient, fun and tasty options!

Remedy’s philosophy is to bring home the same kind of quality food and innovative recipe creations that are served at leading organic and locally-sourced restaurants. Started by three local San Diegans, Remedy is definitely a business that cares about the health of each and every hungry customer they serve.

Remedy Chef Marina Cook
“As a society we are becoming busier and busier and looking to save small bits of extra time when we can," explains Remedy head chef Marina Cook. "Unfortunately, those usually come in the form of eating fast food, heavily processed snacks and choosing unhealthy options.”

Remedy wants to make eating healthy convenient. Members receive a weekly menu each Wednesday with a line-up of six dinners and six lunch selections, and with a few easy clicks, their meals are delivered to their door the following Monday and Thursday. Remedy welcomes special requests, including personal preferences and dietary restrictions. Remedy’s goal is to make busy lives deliciously easier, with fewer trips to the store, no dishes to wash and lots more time for customers to do things other than worry about preparing their own meals.

We received our first set of lunches midday on Monday, packed nicely in an insulated Remedy cooler bag kept chill with ice packs. Clear packaging indicates what is meant to be eaten cold while black tupperware means you should heat it up. Our first set of meals included the following.

Spaghetti squash pad thai with spicy peanut sauce and organic chicken.

Black bean and kale burrito with organic brown rice with spicy avocado salsa.

Spanish style brown rice with ground organic turkey breast.

After enjoying the selections from the beginning of the week, we were eager to receive the rest of the week's lunches on Thursday afternoon. Having the meals below made our afternoons stress free and much tastier:

BBQ chicken salad with roasted corn. green onions, veggie chips and cilantro.   

Green summer risotto with mint pesto and shredded chicken breast.

Portobello mushroom and lentil enchiladas with spicy tomatillo sauce. 

Getting started with Remedy is simple. Customers begin by filling out one form, which includes their contact information and any special needs and preferences they have, to ensure that Remedy’s chefs create meals that amaze even the most discriminating palate. After a Remedy team member gets in contact to set up payment information, a whole new world of health and convenience begins.

Prices for Remedy's 6 weekly lunches AND dinners are $200 for a one week contract, $175 per week for a four week contract and $150 per week for a 12 week contract, not including tax and delivery fee. Delivery pricing varies from $5 to $15 a week depending on location

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