San Diego to NYC - Man Cycles 5,000 Miles Across US to End Malnutrition | Meet the Man Himself at Salt & Cleaver on June 19

June 15, 2014

So-Cal businessman Luke Mysse is leaving everything behind to ride his bicycle 5,000 miles across the US for Cycle Cause, a campaign to end children dying from malnutrition. Luke’s closing the doors to a successful 17-year-old business and packing up his family, who will be following behind him in the Cycle Cause RV. For three months from San Diego and until they reach NYC, they will be raising money and awareness for the cause. They will then drive back home, speaking and inspiring others with their story along the way.  Luke will also be hosting a pre-launch reception on Thursday, June 19 at Salt & Cleaver at 6pm where he will be speaking about his campaign.

Luke’s official starting line will take place in front of the San Diego Maritime Museum next Friday, June 20 at 8am, where he will ride 100 miles up the coast to his next stop in Orange County. Luke is hoping to inspire people to support the cause and also encourage local San Diego riders to join him on the very first leg of his journey.

Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM) is a devastating condition that affects nearly 20 million children and causes more than 2 million deaths annually. It’s a massive problem with a surprisingly simple solution. Stop SAM, a 501c3 nonprofit organization established in 2013, is working to put an end to this deadly condition. A super food called RUTF (Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food) is currently being made by Stop SAM partners at MANA Nutrition.

Endorsed by all the leading world aid organizations, RUTF is nutrient-dense and ready to eat. For only $50, a child’s life can be saved through a treatment of three packs a day for six weeks. Over 90% of children that go on a treatment never need to go back on it. Despite this simple solution, only 15% of the need is currently being met. The mission at Stop SAM is to help bridge this gap and provide aid organizations the RUTF they need.

Luke’s goal is to tell SAM’s story to over 100,000 people, raise $250,000 and save 5,000 lives. Donations from the trip will go towards sending RUTF packets to children in South Sudan, a country suffering devastating famine on the brink of humanitarian disaster. According to unicef, urgent treatment is needed to prevent malnutrition threatening quarter million children - up to 50,000 children under age 5 could die.

After 17 years of leading a successful branding and marketing business, Luke felt compelled to live life with a different purpose. Through co-founding Stop SAM and becoming deeply committed to the cause, Luke is now dedicated to helping children dying from SAM. Five years ago, at over 300 pounds, Luke discovered cycling and has since contributed his weight lost of over 100 pounds, improved health and overall clarity to time spent on the road. His passion for cycling and commitment to the cause inspired his ride across America. Dalia, Luke’s wife and the mother of their two sons, share this conviction to help starving children. Luke and Dalia also have a desire to teach their children the meaning of adventure, faith, healthy living and giving back. Together, they hope to inspire others and raise awareness for children suffering from malnutrition.