FLUXX Launches New Theme BIONIC | Starting Friday, August 1

July 21, 2014

FLUXX nightclub is has announce their newest theme, FLUXX BIONIC, a futuristic theme full of eye-popping lights and dichroic surfaces.  Hitting earth on Friday, August 1, BIONIC will blast partygoers into the future showcasing a giant mirror origami, electroluminescent matrixes, geometric visuals and an LED extravagance.  The centerpiece of BIONIC will be a “Pleasure Pod”, an enticing bionic flower sculpture which blooms on cue.  RMD dancers will also be outfitted as bionic soldiers of the future, complete with custom molded chest armor. Launch night will include a live performance by A$AP FERG.

FLUXX is located at 500 4th Ave in downtown San Diego. For more information, visit fluxxsd.com.