One of San Diego’s Own to Appear on The Food Network This Weekend | Humphrey's Chef Paul Murphy Competes on 'Cutthroat Kitchen'

Photo by Feeney + Bryant Photographers
July 31, 2014

Paul Murphy, the sharp-tongued toque who's cooked for celebrities including Tony Bennett, Diana Ross and Seal during Humphreys Summer Concerts, while ruling the culinary roost at Humphreys Restaurant, Humphreys Backstage Live and Humphreys Half Moon Inn for the past 13 years, will become a celebrity himself this Sunday, Aug. 3 as he competes on The Food Network’s Cutthroat Kitchen, hosted by Alton Brown at 7pm PT in an episode titled "Two Chef’s, One Toga”.

This competitive cooking show features four chefs tasked with crafting gourmet dishes for both accomplished chefs and celebrity judges. The show is fast-paced and high-pressure, as a chef is eliminated after the presentation of each dish. Competing chefs are additionally given a $25,000 budget, which they can use to benefit his or her self or sabotage their competitors, and the winning chef keeps the money he hasn’t spent.

“I’ve loved food since I was a kid,” San Marcos resident Murphy said. “As executive chef at Humphreys, I’ve gotten to share that adoration with so many people. And now, through Cutthroat Kitchen, I get to share that love with the rest of the nation, although I’m not sure how lovable America is going to find me.”

Commended for his texturally rich, worldly inspired and outright delicious dishes, Chef Murphy is a regular in the San Diego spotlight, and it’s no surprise his spotlight is growing larger. Murphy has impressed locals, tourists and famed musicians alike with dynamic meals crafted from years of international cooking experience in Belgium, the Basque region of France and elsewhere. His innovative and delectable offerings have earned numerous acclaims for Humphreys Restaurant, including a spot on OpenTable’s “50 Best Brunches in the U.S.”

Most recently, Murphy debuted Performers and Plates, a flavorful three-course menu celebrating 33 seasons of concerts at Humphreys Concerts by the Bay and the many performers for whom Murphy has crafted his mouthwatering culinary masterpieces.

Despite his talent, the upcoming fame and the resulting acclaim, Murphy remains humble.

"The importance of cooking good food for all people can't be overstated. I don't care if you're Diana Ross, a CEO on a business trip or a local pedicab driver — my team and I are going to prepare for you the best meal we can make,” he said. “Everyone who walks in the door at Humphreys Restaurant is important.”

Humphreys Restaurant is an award-winning restaurant located on the bay in San Diego. Its delectable menu and unparalleled brunch have made it a source of pride for locals, a must-visit destination for tourists, and an A-list dining experience for the A-listers themselves, who perform at Humphreys Concerts by the Bay.

Humphreys Restaurant is located at 2241 Shelter Island Dr., San Diego, 92106. For more information, visit or call 619-224-3577.