Pacific Beach Ciro's Pizzeria & Beerhouse To Close | Location to Become Crushed With Former Partner to Open BBQ Spot Nearby

September 2, 2014

We're sad to report that one of our favorite beer bars and pizzerias, Ciro's Pizzeria & Beerhouse in Pacific Beach, will soon close and the location will transition to Crushed, which is rumored to be an all-day-brunch restaurant concept linked (to some extent) to PB's Bub's Dive Bar.
Ciro’s Pacific Beach is owned by RMD Group (Fluxx, Side Bar, Don Chido), who agreed to sell the location to Ballester Roadhouse, LLC a few months back. Ballester Roadhouse applied to have the liquor license transferred to the new concept, Crushed, reportedly an all-day brunch bar concept linked to Amy Ballester, the Assistant General Manager at Bub's Dive Bar in Pacific Beach. No word yet on the connection, as we're still waiting to hear back from numerous parties on the subject. 

"The RMD Group has recently agreed to sell its Pacific Beach location of Ciro’s Pizzeria & Beerhouse," explained Dan Renzella, Partner at RMD Group. "The closing of the sale is contingent upon the ABC’s transfer of the beer and wine license. RMD will continue to own and operate its other successful Ciro’s location in downtown San Diego, its newly opened Mexican restaurant, Don Chido, as well as its other acclaimed bars and nightlife venues, including FLUXX, Side Bar and F6ix."

In 2010, Ciro's took over Olde City Grill, redesigned the space, and in addition to continuing to serve the famed cheesesteaks, offered over 55 craft beers, a delicious selection of specialty pizza, sandwiches and pizzeria-style dishes. I don't even want to think about how many Buffalo chicken pizza slices we've consumed in the past 4 years.

Ciro's fans (like us) need not fret for too long, as the locations' operating partner, Kenny Casciato, will go on to open a new barbecue and beer concept right up the street at the former Sushi Teppan/Haiku location at 1520 Garnet Ave. in PB. Iron Pig Alehouse is expected to open as early as October 2014 and will feature such menu items as rib tips, beef brisket, turkey legs, chicken wings, and other modern BBQ classics, all cooked over oak, hickory and applewood. The menu will also include made-fresh-daily comfort food sides, such as potato salad, slaw and slow cooked beans. The kitchen plans to pay just as much attention to the desserts, making cobbler and key lime pie as sweet options. Casciato will continue to embrace our craft beer community hosting 36 beer lines with a mixture of local and global craft beer favorites, as well as obscure options for the San Diego beer geek.