Golden Hill's Counterpoint Introduces Dark Dining Series

October 8, 2014

On Monday, October 13, come on out to Golden Hill for the inaugural Blackout @ Counterpoint - a series that will take place on the second Monday of every month.  As the name implies, the lights will go out right at 7pm and the intimate neighborhood restaurant and bar will be illuminated by candlelight alone.  Well known cocktail guru Bryan Dietz will be filling in behind the bar as part of Blackout @ Counterpoint’s guest bartender series.  He’ll be putting together three specialty cocktails for the evening including the Spanish Fly (Mezcal, Fernet-Branca, Mexican Coca Cola and Lime) and the Italian Mule (Ginger Beer, Peach Bitters, Fernet-Branca and a Lime Wheel Garnish) with optional food pairings from Counterpoint Executive Chef Rose Peyron.

For those looking for some new ink, Dietz will also do the nomination for this year’s Fernet tattoo recipient.  Every year, the winner gets a free Fernet tattoo - talk about brand loyalty. No need to RSVP, just show up ready to party when the lights go out. 

Counterpoint is located at 830 25th Street. For more information, visit