Josefas and Iberico Go Dark in La Jolla

December 16, 2014

The dual concept Josefas Cocina Mexicana and Iberico Restaurant in La Jolla have both closed. The second floor eateries located at 909 Prospect Street were owned by the group behind El Agave restaurants. In mid-November, the restaurant partnership allegedly dissolved, with the owners of the Old Town eatery taking the longstanding El Agave name and brand and leaving the more recent Del Mar location, Mola Gastro Bar, Iberia and Josefas (which only opened September 2014) on their own. There is no word yet on what will come of the Del Mar El Agave, as they are supposed to change their name and branding by year's end. We'll keep you informed on what happens and who takes over the prime spot in La Jolla. El Agave in Old Town is still thriving and will continue with the same level of service and quality of food that it has since 1996.