Take a Coffee Break at One of These San Diego Spots

January 18, 2015

For most, coffee is an essential part of the day. Instead of heading to the Keurig machine for that mid-morning or afternoon coffee break, we recommend your readers hit up these San Diego restaurants to get that coffee fix and celebrate National Coffee Break Day on January 20!

Up in Del Mar, find your way to Café Cantata for satisfying sips and flavorsome fare. Café Cantata serves only the freshest and finest cups, which include 100% certified organic fair-trade custom blends. The café’s name is even derived from Coffee Cantata, a Bach composition that declares coffee “is more delicious than a thousand kisses.” Order up your go-to latte or basic black coffee, or get a little crazy and try one of Café Cantata’s specialty coffee drinks.

For those more south, Fig Tree Café has Hillcrest, Pacific Beach and Liberty Station residents covered on National Coffee Break Day. Iced coffee drinkers will love Fig Tree’s organic cold press toddy that offers 67% less acidity than those chain-brand coffee shops. For those who can’t decide if they want a regular latte, mocha or try the Mexican Mocha, Fig Tree’s caffeine sampler allows you to try a flight of all three!

Tucked away on Felspar Street, Isabel’s Cantina is Pacific Beach’s secret for inventive fusion fare, including coffee! Try Isabel’s Thai Coffee, freshly roasted coffee with sweetened condensed milk, or their Mexican Mocha, milk blended with spicy Mexican chocolate and espresso and topped with whip. Or combine these two coffees and order up Isabel’s Mexican Mocha Thai for those debating between the Thai Coffee and Mexican Mocha.

The Gaslamp’s newest French bakery isn’t only for pastries, but for high-quality coffee also. Stop by Le Parfait Paris for your coffee break on January 20 for that cappuccino or latte. Or indulge in the Coffee Viennois, a full bodied espresso with a splash of hot milk and topped with a crown of luscious whip cream with a macaron or croissant.