Get Tips On Enjoying Your Whiskey Before Taking On The 101 Whiskey Club At Encinitas' Lumberyard Tavern

February 16, 2015

Mark Twain once said, “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” Staying true to the spirit of a well-stocked saloon, this quote is true for Lumberyard Tavern in Encinitas, especially with the re-launching of their 101 Whiskey Club this Wednesday, Feb. 18! Be rewarded as your make your way through Lumberyard's huge selection of whiskeys from around the world, becoming a whiskey professional as you go!

The 101 Whiskey Club invites new and veteran Whiskey drinkers to be part of a monthly Whiskey adventure. Get exclusive tastings of Lumberyard’s featured Whiskey of the Month and win various prizes as you make your way through the bar’s whiskey list. Sample each of the 40 whiskeys and scotches on the list for your chance at a trip to Kentucky!

Before diving into the club, Lumberyard has tips to help you sip down the good stuff like a pro:
  • Know your types. Whisky can be distinguished by nationality: American, Scotch, Irish and Canadian. American is for sweeter palates and include Bourbon (a fuller-bodied liquor distilled from at least 51% corn), Rye (distilled from at least 51% Rye & a bit spicier), and Tennessee (Bourbon filtered with charcoal and distilled in Tennessee). Scotch whiskey has a smoky flavor and is aged for three years and distilled in Scotland. Irish and the fruitier Canadian whiskey are lighter whiskies with a barley-malt flavor.
  • Know your taste. There are four different ways to order whiskey: neat, with water, on the rocks or in a cocktail. It is argued that neat is the best and “purest” way to enjoy the beverage. Adding a little water to the drink will help dilute the whisky enough to keep tongue from burning, yet still savor the intense flavor.   
  • Know your terminology. Grain whiskey, blended, single malt, single barrel, or straight all refer to the way whiskey is made and the different grains used. Grain whiskey refers to whiskey made from grains other than malted barley. Blended (the most common) is made from both malt and grain whiskey. Single malt whiskey is made from a single malted grain and the single barreled is made from a single barrel. Straight whiskey is characterized as American whiskey that is aged for two years or more and barreled in white oak.
Lumberyard Tavern is located at 967 S Coast Hwy 101, Suite #101, in Encinitas. For more information, call (760) 479-1657 or visit