Beast Of Burden! Every Single Rolling Stones Banner Stolen From Gaslamp

May 26, 2015

For any visitor to downtown San Diego over the past couple weeks, it was impossible to miss the 80 banners hanging on all of the light posts advertising The Rolling Stones' much-anticipated kick off of their Zip Code Tour at Petco Park on Sunday, May 24. We got word that following the sold-out show, every single one of these banners was stolen, even those hanging inside Petco Park! Authorities are now searching for the banner bandits and asking for tips in hopes of recovery.

There is not an estimated value for the banners that have gone missing, but speculations are that they will be quite valuable on sites like Craigslist and ebay. We actually learned about the theft after inquiring with the Gaslamp Quarter Association about purchasing one as a souvenir. Theses banners were produced by Petco Park Events to stir up excitement for the historic concert. The thieves also damaged many of the posts during the theft.

Who were the brazen scoundrels who defied the heights of the lamp posts? Information regarding the stolen banners can be directed to Stephanie Grace with Petco Park Events at (619) 795-5196 (who has not returned our calls requesting more information) and Alex Ward with Gaslamp Quarter Association at (619) 233-5227.