Gaslamp Tavern ReOpens Refreshed With New Craft Beer Concept | Quad AleHouse Debuts In The Heart Of Downtown San Diego

May 8, 2015

Gaslamp Tavern will reopen on Saturday, May 9, along with its newest concept, Quad AleHouse, a third story craft beer sanctuary located in the heart of Downtown San Diego. Nestled above the newly remodeled Gaslamp Tavern, the 5,000-square-foot space offers a relaxed respite from the bustling city below. With a rotating selection of 28 craft beers on tap, including one nitro, curated by local beer expert Beau Schmitt, Quad AleHouse is poised to provide both beer aficionados and newcomers with an immersive craft brew experience in the Gaslamp Quarter.

Located on the corner of 5th and E Streets in the historic building that once housed Navy lockers for servicemen in transit, Quad AleHouse was conceived as a space dedicated to culling together a venerable selection of San Diego’s most notable craft beers and acquainting consumers to new innovative styles while also celebrating some of the nation’s top small batch, independent brewers. In addition to standard pours, Quad AleHouse introduces patrons to a wide spectrum of beers including many rare special releases through customizable tasting flights consisting of four-ounce pours.

Aptly named by Lost Abbey’s Tomme Arthur to signify the educational gathering space it provides as well as serving as a nod to two recognizable beer styles, the Belgian Quad and Quadruple IPA, Quad AleHouse is dedicated to furnishing an engaging setting where guests can leisurely enjoy the truest essence of the craft in a comfortably designed space.

In his design approach, architect Mark Bausback set out to preserve the integrity of the existing architecture of the building while infusing modern elements into the space. To achieve this, he and his team retained a majority of the wood and brick elements from the building’s original structure. By adding new custom finishes including recycled growler light fixtures and kegs repurposed as planters, the design team successfully achieved an aesthetic that is equally eclectic and polished. Through a mixture of comfortable cushioned stools, a 50-foot bar, and custom-made high and low communal tables, Bausback’s team conceptualized the loft-like space to foster a strong sense of camaraderie among patrons. An infusion of warm tones, lush natural life and an abundance of light juxtapose the building’s raw steel and exposed beams, breathing new energy into the industrial space. Keeping in line with Quad AleHouse’s allegiance to local breweries, an oversized hand-drawn map of San Diego pays homage to the ever-expanding craft beer community.

“Through this venture, we’re eager to bring further attention to the burgeoning craft beer scene in San Diego and to celebrate the hard work of the brewers who have elevated the industry to where it is today,” said Quad AleHouse Owner Todd Ferrari. “We’re fortunate to call the Gaslamp Quarter home, providing us with the potential to offer a new craft beer experience unlike any other in the immediate area.”

In the kitchen, Chef Brandon Brooks, formerly of Ritual Tavern, along with Nate Soroko of Toronado notoriety, created a simple, approachable menu intended to seamlessly complement Quad AleHouse’s ample beer offerings. With an emphasis on slow cooked, smoked meats, Brooks and Soroko flexed their creative acumen to present guests with a handful of hearty, yet healthy core dishes offered in several different artfully prepared iterations. Highlights including the Moroccan Spiced Lamb Shoulder and Ancho Chili Braised Beef Brisket are made to order as either a plate, sandwich or salad, each with a choice of side dish ranging from roasted seasonal vegetables to herb roasted potatoes. All menu items can be purchased at a walk-up food ordering station along with recommended beer pairings, prominently displayed to guide consumers through the process.

Rounding out the Quad AleHouse experience, the cocktail program includes a curated selection of 50 different whiskies. A list of 12 signature cocktails boasts a variety of updated takes on classics such as the Spring Manhattan (Buffalo Trace, Stirring’s Ginger, R&D Sarsaparilla Bitters and a spoonful of marmalade) and the Seared Peach Old Fashion (Bourbon with Fresh Thyme, Seared Fresh Peaches, Blue Agave Nectar, Fresh Lime Juice, and R&D Aromatic #7 Bitters).

Quad AleHouse is open from 11am to 2am, seven days a week. The space is located at 868 Fifth Avenue, on the third floor. For more information, visit