Point Loma's Historic Gay Bar The Hole To Close After Final Beer Bust On July 5

March 28, 2015

The Hole in Point Loma, one of San Diego's first openly gay bars, has announced that it will close for business on Sunday, July 5, after a farewell party to take place that day. The popular location is approaching the end of its lease and, allegedly, the property's landlord in disinterested in renewing.

The Hole promotes itself as “a pretty much world famous dive” and has been in business since 1934 (then Murphy’s Beer Garden). Previously dubbed the 19th Hole due to its proximity to the Sail Ho Golf Club, the bar sits in a depression dug in the early 1900s to access an aqueduct that ran between Mission Bay (then called False Bay) and San Diego Bay. The stairs at the Hole’s entrance descend into a garden patio. Since the 1940’s The Hole was one of the “secret handshake” bars in San Diego. Men who were interested in hooking up with men or just taking advantage of an opportunity frequented The Hole - so much so that The Hole was listed as off limits to all Military Personnel.

In the 1960’s when ownership changed, The 19th Hole became one of San Diego’s first openly gay bars. The name was simplified with toungue in cheek to "The Hole" and a new era toward the 1970's and throughout the 1980's, The Hole was a popular hangout. It was during this time that the formidable Hole Sunday Beer Bust was borne. Fresh fried chicken was served in the early years to a throng of men. The chicken morphed into a California style barbecue at the increasingly popular Sunday attraction, which draws over 600 guests every Sunday.

There is no word yet on who the new tenant for the space at 2820 Lytton Street will be or whether The Hole will reopen in another location.