1919 Takes Over Former Nicky Rottens Space In Downtown San Diego

December 9, 2015

There’s a brand new scandal brewing in the Gaslamp, and its namesake is 1919, due to open in February of next year at the former Nicky Rotten's space. 1919 aims to be a different kind of neighborhood sports bar, hoping to offer a down-home vibe with local comforts in the heart of San Diego's downtown.

1919 alludes to the year of the “Black Sox Scandal,” when eight Chicago White Sox players who were up against the Cincinnati Reds in the World Series were caught intentionally losing games in exchange for money from gamblers. Conversely, a visit to this neighborhood watering hole should be anything but a gamble, as they will offer a unique way to hear sports games directly from a viewer’s smartphone, to assure that each play is audible, as well as visible from one of 1919’s 25 HD TVs.

“We wanted to create a different type of sports bar experience for the Gaslamp community, one that takes our customers back to another place and time,” says partner Damon Barone. And one look at the bar menu will prove him right, with playful additions such as their Pickle Back Program, featuring several homemade pickle back selections to pair with spirits, like Woodford Rye with a strawberry pickle back, or a generous shot of Herradura Reposado with a pineapple-jalapeño pickle back.

The year 1919 may have marked an era when the fabric of our nation was corrupted, but hopefully, in San Diego at least, it will evoke a celebration of America’s favorite pastime as well as other sports. 1919 will offer nostalgic surroundings, live music (in the upstairs lounge area overlooking 5th Avenue), simple, yet creative cocktail offerings, and down-home classic comfort food menu with a twist. The kitchen will stay open until 1:19am, catering to night owls who aren’t quite ready to turn it in.

1919 is taking over the Downtown Nicky Rotten’s location, at 560 5th Avenue, which was also owned by Treehouse Hospitality Group. Other Treehouse businesses include Nicky Rotten’s Coronado, Music Box, and Prohibition, which provides an underground speakeasy experience for patrons of 1919.

Hours of operation will be from 11-2am. seven days a week, and on Saturday and Sunday, brunch will be served beginning at 9am. Promotions will abound, and may include bottomless drink offerings during an “Industry Brunch” when coworkers can meet, greet and eat on Monday mornings from 11am-2pm. Late night dining and take out will also be available.