Little Italy's Sirena Closes On February 1 For Facelife & Rebranding

January 21, 2016

Sirena is firing-up the taste of their décor to match their menu of vibrant flavors from Chile, Peru and Mexico, closing on February 1 for renovation and a few tweaks to their branding. Little Italy’s home for Latin American cuisine will be splashing with color after reopening this February 8.

"We want to adjust to what the neighborhood wants. As I have said before we need to grab people’s attention since we aren’t on the main strip of Little Italy," said Sirena manager Michael 'Mikey' Zenteno. "The neighborhood wants a simple concept without emptying out their wallets - something quick, cheaper, and different. We definitely are different than the redundant Italian restaurants. We are Latin and soon to be COCINA LATINA."

The neighborhood eatery will be closed for the first week of February for a bold new facelift that goes hand-in-hand with the Latin culture the restaurant celebrates. The renovations will include a diversity of bright colors and textures that complements the electric styling of Executive Chef Jaime Chavez's dishes. Sirena will also be rolling out changes in their menu that showcase pure yet simplistic South American flavors. The same beautiful plating will remain, with focus on unique protein from both the sea and land.

"The key ingredients to success in this industry are food and service. If you have those two, then everything else should fall into place," continued Zenteno. "We will continue to better our service and do unique vibrant flavors to our food, making it look like a plate full of art. But now we want to add more color to make our place attractive and to steer people our direction visually. If we get the people in here once I can guarantee you they will come back for the food and service”

Sirena is located at the corner of Columbia and Fir Streets and opened in October 2014. Despite a  location off the beaten path of India Street, the eatery has wowed diners with it's artful attention to plating and authentic flavors.

“Being in this area for over a year we’ve realized what the locals in this area want and we know exactly just how to accommodate them now!" exclaimed Zenteno. "Words can’t articulate how excited we are for our upcoming changes. We are giving ourselves a fresh start and the neighborhood a whole new concept. Changes will be major, but we can’t spoil all of the surprises- I just know that it won’t be a disappointment and I encourage everyone to join us in our journey to become one of the best!"

Sirena is located at 1901 Columbia Street in Little Italy. For more information, visit or call (619) 564-8970.