San Diego's Bird Rock Coffee Roasters Awarded Title Of Best Coffee In Country Rachel Peterson

Rachel Peterson, Chuck Patton and Elke Patton
January 17, 2016

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters, which currently has three locations in San Diego, beat out coffees from companies around the US to win the coffee category at the 2016 Good Food Awards in San Francisco, with the awards ceremony and celebration taking place this weekend. The winners of the Good Food Award are meant to represent the forefront of conscious American food purveyors, required to produce products that are not only delicious, but also respectful of the environment and connected to communities and cultural traditions. This is a national award with winners from 33 states that were amongst almost 2,000 entries. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is the only recipient of any Good Food Award in San Diego, and one of only three coffee awardees in the State of California.

"We are super happy to represent San Diego as the first local coffee company to win a Good Food Award and, this year, the only San Diego company to win in any category!" the company announced on its Facebook page.

Bird Rock Coffee Roasters won the award for their Geisha varietal - a Panama Esmeralda Estate Lino Lot Natural. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters is one of the few roasters in America and the only roaster in San Diego to receive this coffee lot. The coffee is characterized by tasting notes of jasmine, honey, dried raspberries, cream and lavender with a velvety texture. Although currently out of stock, Geisha varietals from the same estate will be on sale next Friday, January 22 at Bird Rock Coffee Roasters three retail locations or online for $50 for eight ounces, or via pour over at all three locations for $11 per cup. The Geisha is one of the more expensive varietals because it is extremely rare, is a low-yielding varietal, and is difficult to grow.

"To win the Good Food award in our category is such an honor," said Chuck Patton, owner of Bird Rock Coffee Roasters. "This award captures everything we stand for, including quality, taste and social responsibility. We hope this award brings awareness to our incredible tasting coffee, and that the direct trade methods and compensation practices for coffee farmers that we engage in are a national model."

The Good Food Award for coffee is awarded to those who were distinguished by exemplary flavor as well as fairness and transparency from seed to cup. The highest scoring entries were submitted to a rigorous vetting process to verify that they met the sustainability and social responsibility criteria to win the award. The coffees were judged in a blind tasting back in September by more than thirty judges from various fields within the coffee brewing and roasting industry. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters made the finalist list in November 2015, and beat out well-known roasters such as Blue Bottle Coffee.

Recognized by Roast Magazine as Micro Roaster of the Year in 2012, a national once-in-a-lifetime award, Bird Rock Coffee Roasters has been at the forefront of putting premiere coffee on the map in San Diego since opening it's original location on La Jolla Boulevard in Bird Rock nearly a decade ago. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters uses a top-quality Giesen Roaster, a pour-over bar featuring their best seasonal varietals, weekly cuppings open to the public for a sneak peak into the newest offerings, and a deep dive into the selection process and all things coffee. Bird Rock Coffee Roasters goes beyond the confines of the fair trade structure and engages in direct trade with farmers, and sources the best 'green' coffee, prepared with the utmost respect to those who grew it. Chuck started roasting in 2001 with a do-it-yourself home coffee roaster, a fateful gift from his wife Elke.

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