SanDiegoVille's New Year's Resolutions For 2016

January 1, 2016

It's the new year and you know what that means - time to set our New Year's resolutions! We're hoping to hit the ground running and take San Diego by storm in 2016. Figuring the best way to stick to resolutions is to broadcast them to the world, we are running down our 5 aspirations for the year ahead.

We know that we may not keep them, but we might as well at least make a handful of new year's resolutions for 2016. Wish us luck. Here they are:

1. Fine, We'll Blog - Anyone who knows me knows that the word 'blog' sends chills down my spine. In my opinion, it's an epithet used to verbally downgrade a publication, a way of relegating a website to the plebeian quadrants of media ranks. Regardless, people constantly refer to SanDiegoVille as a 'blog', so we might as well act like one. In 2016, we aim to publish more personal, stream of conscious-type posts that discuss topics spanning our interests, whatever they may be at the time, whether it's recipes, nonsense, rants, or whatever we feel like spewing at the time.

2. We Can Be Brutally Honest - So in the New Year, rather than using SanDiegoVille more or less as a promotional mouthpiece for San Diego's culinary community and event organizers, we will be more honest, possibly brutally so at times, in our posts. I know, I know, people on the Left Coast don't like ruffling feathers, but frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn. We're not going to be harsh for the sake of attention (like San Diego Reader did in their review of the new Star Wars film), but we will be truthful in our reviews. Hopefully, the innumerable San Diego public relations companies don't completely blackball us because of this (fingers crossed; more on that topic later).

3. Eat My List - Personally, I think 'best of' lists are usually cop-out clickbait crap, but hell, most people love them and we love the attention (AKA page views) we get from them. We're not going to spew them out on the daily like we're Zagat, but we'll throw them out to the hungry masses every once in a while. Hopefully, we can do the coveted List justice and publish some of value, providing our favorites, rather than 'bests'.

4. Restaurant Profiles Return - As our longtime readers likely noticed, we scaled back our restaurant profiles in 2015. Why? Basically they are an administrative nightmare. Restaurants weren't on the up-and-up during visits, and frankly, it wasn't worth the half-day of work necessary to write, publish, edit, modify photos, insert hyperlinks, etc., for just the cost of a meal. Well, we're bringing them back in 2016...maybe. This may be a tough resolution to keep.

5. Expanding Coverage - We are witnessing a time when America's confidence and faith in mainstream media is at an all time low. We are seeing abuses by law enforcement personnel, less critical assessments of government action, and once trusted publications acting as a mouthpiece to the authority rather than the 4th Branch watchdog that it should be. We aspire to do our part, slowly and incrementally, in reviving faith in the media by questioning rather than accepting. Our goal in the new year is to start expanding our coverage to discuss current events effecting us as San Diegans and Americans.

We truly appreciate our readers and social media followers and all those who choose to promote their companies and brands through SanDiegoVille. As always, any recommendations on how we can better the site and our social media for our readers and followers would be most appreciated, so feel free to send your comments to [email protected]. Happy New Year and best of luck keeping your own resolutions.