Hillcrest Farmers Market To Introduce Craft Beer Tasting

March 10, 2016

On Sunday March 13, the Hillcrest Farmers Market will be the first in the county to serve craft beer samples following the passing of California’s AB 774 bill. Mayor Kevin Faulconer, City Councilmember Todd Gloria and Hillcrest Business Association Board President Tami Daiber will be in attendance to welcome Hillcrest Brewing Company, which will launch the first-ever craft beer sampling at San Diego Farmers Markets.

On January 1, 2016 the state of California put into effect the long awaited AB 774 bill approving craft beer samples and sales at farmers market for those carrying a valid permit. The Hillcrest Farmers Market is currently the first and only market to be approved for craft beer samples in San Diego. Starting March 13, the market will feature a rotating schedule of craft beer establishments serving samples every Sunday, starting with Hillcrest Brewing Company.

The Hillcrest Farmers Market takes place every Sunday from 9am to 2pm at 3960 Normal Street at the intersection of Normal & University Avenue.