Shades Oceanfront Bistro To Close In Ocean Beach At Summer's End

April 27, 2016

After 13 years in business, Shades Oceanfront Bistro has announced that it will close its business at the end of the summer. The popular Ocean Beach bar and eatery took to Facebook and their website to let customers know that they will shutter after service on September 5.

In a lengthy online farewell statement,  Shades ownership cites a November 2015 fire, fatigue, and a buyout offer as reasons for their choice to end the restaurant's tenure.

"We're older, we're tired, and the fire took something out of us," read the Shades' statement. "It was all just a little too much, so when we received an offer while we were closed, what we might never have given a second thought to, suddenly became an attractive possibility. A way to rest."

The statement further explained that new owners plan to completely remodel the restaurant and re-open as a new eatery. The new owners also intend to hire much of the Shades' staff and remain family and dog friendly.

Stop by Shades for one last oceanfront hurrah. The restaurant is located at 5083 Santa Monica Avenue in Ocean Beach. For more information, visit