Top Industry Experts Discuss Meat Production & Consumption At Meaty Issues On May 17

May 1, 2016

A diverse panel of experts - from academics to activists to ranchers - will discuss the moral, animal welfare, human health and environmental issues surrounding meat production and consumption on Tuesday, May 17 at MEATY ISSUES. The second of four free-to-attend, multidisciplinary panel discussions on single topics that are at the intersection of food and the environment, Meaty Issues is presented by the Berry Good Food Foundation Future Thought Leaders series and begins with food and drink followed by a riveting and informative discussion.  

In 2015, the Berry Good Food Foundation was formed with the mission to unify farmers, chefs and industry insiders so that they could start a dialogue and share knowledge in order to reconnect eaters with their food and educate them about reducing our collective carbon footprint. In 2016, the Foundation launched their Future Thought Leaders forums - a series of panels which present varying viewpoints on sustainable food-related topics. The programs, free and open to the public, are videotaped by UCTV and distributed through its networks. A recap of the first panel, “Soil Matters,” is currently accessible online.

Soil Matters - 1st Future Thought Leaders forum
Scheduled panelists include David Bronner (CEO, Dr. Bronner’s), Corinne Bush, MS, CNS (Board Member, American College of Nutrition), Jack Ford (Rancher and Owner of Taj Farms), Aaron Gross (Founder and CEO of Farm Forward), Kari Hamerschlag (Senior Program Manager with Friends of the Earth‘s food and technology program; contributing writer to Food Tank and Civil Eats), Dr. Richard Oppenlander (Founder, Inspire Awareness Now; sustainability consultant, researcher, and author), and Kara Wentworth (PhD candidate in Communication and Science Studies at UC San Diego researching small US slaughterhouses). The panel will be moderated by Berry Good Food Foundation Founder Michelle Ciccarelli Lerach.

Served from 5:30-6pm in the foyer on the day of the event, food and drink will be provided by local farms and prepared by local chefs led by chef Isabel Cruz. The panel discussion will begin at 6pm. Register for Meaty Issues in advance online, as the event will fill up. 

Meaty Issues will take place at The Auditorium at the Scripps Research Institute located at 10620 John Jay Hopkins Drive in La Jolla. For more information, visit