Spice Up Your Life With Turmeric Pasta At Bencotto

Bencotto's Gnocchi Alla Curcuma Con Tartufo
June 10, 2016

Turmeric is spicing up dishes all across America after being declared the spice of the year for its tasty flavor and health effects. Google’s Food Trends reports a 56 percent increase in search since last November on the vibrant spice. Traditionally used in Indian cuisine, turmeric is uniquely being used in Italian food here in San Diego, with Bencotto in Little Italy harnessing the spice for weekly pasta specials, starting with a pillowy gnocchi dish topped with shaved black truffles!

Known by Italians as “Indian saffron,” Bencotto has added turmeric to its hand-crafted pasta centric menu and will continue to do so all summer. Always trying to innovate, Bencotto added the ancient root to their specials menu because of its spicy and sweet combination and the bright color that it adds to dishes with Chef Fabrizio using turmeric powder to make homemade gnocchi, then tossing it in a white truffle sauce with porcini mushrooms and topping it off with shaved black truffles. The plentiful portion is a perfect dish to split, offering pillowy clouds of pasta filled with umami flavor.

Stop into Bencotto to try their turmeric pasta special for yourself and enjoy an amazing meal featuring authentic, North Italian flavors. Bencotto and its little brother restaurant Monello are both located at 750 W. Fir Street in San Diego's Little Italy. For more information, visit lovebencotto.com or call 619.450.4786.