Bootstrap Kombucha Brings Freshly Brewed Elixer To San Diego

July 27, 2016

Now brewing and pouring straight from the taps of their Old Town area tasting room tucked in between Mission Hills and Little Italy, James Farnworth and Susan McMillion’s Bootstrap Kombucha is the newest brewer in San Diego. Sticking to authentic recipes and traditional methods of brewing, Bootstrap ensures that the end result is not only tasty and refreshingly fizzy non-alcoholic beverages, but it also retains its vital probiotic properties that are said to help improve and maintain overall health.

Dedicated to crafting a quality product, Bootstrap Kombucha is a homegrown kombucha brand that started as a home brewery and contains only organic ingredients. Bootstrap Kombucha is committed to providing people with a high-quality kombucha that is always fresh, local and on tap.

To achieve the perfect balance of flavor and effervescence, Bootstrap brews slowly and in small batches using only natural ingredients, such as organic teas and organic sugar creating various rotating flavor options such as blueberry, cherry, beet apple-ginger and pineapple passionfruit. One other key component that sets Bootstrap apart from other kombucha brands is the use of “whole water”. Whole water is filtered only to remove heavy metals, chlorine, and fluoride, yet retains the minerals naturally found in all water (normally removed in traditional water filter processes such as reverse osmosis) that are needed for healthy kombucha brewing.

When asked about their reasons for brewing, McMillion said, “we’ve always thoroughly enjoyed kombucha, and after experiencing the numerous health benefits and enjoying how it makes us feel - we knew we had to find a way to brew it more often and share our enthusiasm with the rest of San Diego.” Having backgrounds in the medical device and food industries, it is no surprise that Farnworth and McMillion found their passions converging in this natural probiotic beverage.

Though kombucha has been around for at least 2,000 years, it wasn’t until recently that the tremendous health benefits were fully appreciated, which has helped to propel kombucha to its current level of popularity around the globe. Recent studies have suggested that kombucha contains detoxifying and antibiotic processes through its essential vitamins, as well as gluconic, glucuronic, lactic, and acetic acids, which may contribute to and support a healthy immune system.

Bootstrap Kombucha can now be found on tap throughout San Diego at local restaurants, as well as the company's own tasting room located at 4085 Pacific Highway, Suite 105B. For more information, visit