Butcher's Brewing Rebrands To Open Finest Made Brewery & Tasting Room In Santee

July 21, 2016

Butcher's Brewing will emerge as a new chef-inspired craft brewery and tasting room this August. Nestled in Santee’s thriving business district, Finest Made Ales is poised to be a uniquely upscale brand, specializing in craft brews that reflect the culinary passion and prowess of Chef and Brewmaster Rey Knight.

The brewery will host its grand opening launch party to the public on August 19 in its revamped tasting room that previously housed Butcher’s Brewing, the former identity of Finest Made.

When asked about what precipitated his shift from Butcher’s Brewing to the Finest Made brand, Knight refers to Butcher’s Brewing as “the catalyst for a more mature and evolved product.” He says the new brand is “the result of our further advancement into a quality-driven brewery known for beers that are undoubtedly the finest made.”

With a desire to enlighten people to the vast possibilities of beer as it integrates into food culture, Knight intends to expand the Finest Made brand into the realm of charcuterie plates for the tasting room. Knight’s draw to working with specialty meats is what drove him to opening Rey Knight’s Salumi Company, which since his shift to craft beer, has lingered in his inner well of talents and passions, awaiting the opportunity to resurface. Alas, Rey has honed that opportunity and continues to drive fearlessly into a future of merging culinary excellence with exceptionally-crafted beer.

Finest Made Ales will be welcoming the public into the tasting room to celebrate their grand opening on Friday, August 19, starting at 4pm. Expect food trucks and over 10 beers on tap, ranging from traditional styles to seasonals.

Finest Made Ales is located at 9962 Prospect Avenue in Santee. For more information, visit finestmade.com