Make Miss B’s Coconut Club's Signature The Coconut Club Cocktail At Home

August 8, 2016

Don’t call it comeback! Tiki culture has returned to the mainstream in full force! In anticipation of San Diego's incoming Tiki Oasis 2016, Miss B's Coconut Club in Mission Beach has released its recipe for their popular Coconut Club Cocktail. Stop by Miss B's and try it for yourself and try to replicate it at home!

Tiki culture, the island-centric theme is back and better than ever. Tropical birds, tiki gods and colorful flowers come to life in a lively celebration at Miss B’s Coconut Club, a Mission Beach restaurant celebrating San Diego’s nautical and maritime history. Island-inspired dishes make up for the Coconut Club’s unique Cuban cuisine, where bold Caribbean flavors meet fruit-infused cocktails.

Thanks to mixologist Rob McShea, the tiki revival, retro tropical cocktails and the “endless vacation” vibes are popular again in San Diego. With over 10 years in the bar and cocktail industry, Mr. McShea knows a thing or two about drinks. Rob designed the tropical cocktail program that ranges from fruity concoctions to traditional Cuba Libres. Their signature The Coconut Club Cocktail is Miss B’s sultry version of the classic painkiller - prepared with homemade Miss B’s rum mix, house orange and pineapple cordial and Coco Lopez. Rob is taking tiki vibes to a whole different level at Miss B’s Coconut Club.

Check out the video of Rob making The Coconut Club Cocktail, stop by Miss B's and try for yourself, and try to replicate with the below recipe. Miss B's is located at 3704 Mission Boulevard on the Mission Beach/Pacific Beach border. For more information, visit or call 858.381.0855

Miss B’s Coconut Club The Coconut Club Cocktail
Recipe courtesy of Rob McShea
Serves 1

2 oz rum
2 oz pineapple-orange cordial
2 oz coconut crème
1 cup crushed ice and some extra for décor
Orchid flower for décor

1. Add all ingredients to a mixing tin.
2. Add 1 cup crushed ice
3. Seal the tin and whip
4. Dump contents into a tiki mug
5. Top with a generous amount of crushed ice
6. Grate nutmeg on top and add an orchid flower for garnish
7. Enjoy!