Chef Steve Brown To Host Wagyu & Whiskey Dinner In Coronado On December 17

November 26, 2016

Chef Steve Brown will soon return to San Diego to open the ambitious, shipping container-built, 4,000 square foot, multi-level restaurant - The Shipping Yard - in his hometown of Imperial Beach, but in the meantime the young and talented chef is hosting a series of popup dinners under his roaming supper club Cosecha. The next installment will highlight five courses of Wagyu & Whiskey, taking place on December 17 at Shima in Coronado.

The menu for the Wagyu & Whiskey dinner will utilize certified Wagyu beef from Satsuma Wagyu combined with fresh produce from Wild Willow Farm. The cuts of beef will be A-5 Satsuma Wagyu, which will be the highest marbling. Chef Brown will incorporate strip loin, tender loin, ribeye, rib cap and knuckle. The menu will be refined and filled with technique and the highest quality ingredients. There will be one raw course, and through the meal, guests will experience ingredients like kimchi and foie gras powder, horseradish snow, puffed beef tendon, and smoked bordelaise, to name a few. 

"I have been using all sorts of Wagyu and kobe throughout my career but after working with Satsuma as the featured ingredient at KAABOO while taking the Title of ROCK'N CHEF 2016, I really fell in love with it!" explained Chef Steve Brown. "I started working with Satsuma and they sponsored me for the World Food Championship in Alabama. The flavor profile of this beef is unmatched and I told them that I wanted to do a Satsuma Wagyu tasting using a different cut per course all from the same cow with the birth certificate to prove it and pair it with Japanese Whiskey. They laughed but thought it was an amazing idea." 

The 5 course A-5 Satsuma Wagyu dinner is priced at $120 per person. Brown will prepare the Japanese Wagyu differently for each course, and guests have the choice of a whiskey or wine pairing for the night, with after dinner drinks to follow if you don't want the party to end! Limited seats are available.

"My idea is to have the birth certificate of the cow projected on the wall for the guests to see," continued Chef Brown. "It has a name, weight, time it died, day it was born, and so much info, even a nose print! I love the attention to detail that they put into there product. It's the same that I put into my cooking so we work well together. There will be 5 courses of A-5 Wagyu and a very light and refreshing palate cleansing dessert to follow, as well as five whiskeys or Baja wines for the guests choice of pairings. There will also be a full cash bar for anyone who desires something extra where I will be hanging out after the dinner for anyone that wants to join me."

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