Point-To-Point Car Share Service Car2Go Announces End Of San Diego Business

November 18, 2016

After 5 years operating in San Diego, point-to-point, short-term car rental service, car2go has announced that it is shutting down in America's Finest City at the end of the year, as "unfortunately we have not seen enough adoption of our unique one–way carsharing service here to continue operations at this point."

Statistics indicate that there are 42,000 car2go members and 255 vehicles in San Diego, but that was not enough to keep the business viable. Car2go's will reamain in operation in other cities like Austin and Seattle.

We used car2go on a weekly basis, as it was such a convenient and inexpensive way to get around the city without hassle. If we were heading out for a night on the town, we'd reserve a car2go while we were getting ready, drive it to our destination, park it in the tiniest of spots and leave it. There were no parking fees or hassle, and it was such a cheap means of transportation. Getting from Pacific Beach to downtown cost about $8, nearly half that of an Uber or Lyft. Suffice it to say, we are sad and disappointed to hear that it did not work in America's Finest City. 

Check out the announcement below:

We were proud to launch car2go in San Diego in November, 2011 as our second North American location. Since launch, our mission has been to help people move around America’s Finest City more easily by providing a convenient and affordable transportation service.

car2go was the very first mobility company to bring one–way, free–floating carsharing to forward–thinking people just like you. Today, adoption of carsharing is rising. In fact, it is projected that 36 million people will be carsharing by 2025. Because car2go pioneered one–way carsharing, we have learned valuable lessons over time about what works, and what doesn’t work. While we have worked hard and invested a lot to support car2go in San Diego, unfortunately we have not seen enough adoption of our unique one–way carsharing service here to continue operations at this point.

After careful consideration, we have made the very difficult decision to suspend car2go service in San Diego. The last day of car2go service here in San Diego will be December 31, 2016.

What does this mean for your car2go membership?

When you became a car2go member we promised you a lifetime membership, free of monthly or annual fees. Your car2go membership still enables you to make trips using any one of thousands of car2go vehicles available to all members in each of our North American locations. Please visit our website here for a full list of U.S. and Canadian locations where you can continue to drive with car2go.

You can continue to use car2go as usual in San Diego through December 31, 2016.

Additionally, due to Port of San Diego parking changes, effective today the Spanish Landing parking area on North Harbor Drive is no longer part of the San Diego Home Area. car2go members may no longer park there as of today.

We want to express our heartfelt thanks to you for supporting us, and we deeply regret any inconvenience this decision may cause you. We truly hope that as more people around the world like you adopt carsharing and embrace all its economic and environmental benefits, we might one day resume our service here.

Thank you for your membership.

Questions? Please feel free to email us directly at [email protected]

Your car2go San Diego Team