Pacific Beach's Pueblo Modern Baja Coastal Appoints New Executive Chef

March 14, 2017

Pueblo, which opened in August 2016 in Pacific Beach, is excited to welcome new executive chef, Eduardo Rosales, who has replaced Sean McCart in the kitchen. In the next couple of weeks, Chef Rosales will be debuting an array of delicious new menu items at the ambitious modern Mexican restaurant and rooftop bar.

Chef Eduardo Rosales has spent the last 20 years developing his culinary skills as a chef, restaurant owner, and educator in South America and Mexico. Leading the culinary experience at Pueblo, Chef Rosales will infuse his cross-cultural sensibilities and passion for sustainable food practices into a vibrant, creative menu with deep Baja roots and an emphasis on fresh, local ingredients.

Born in Chile, Eduardo’s culinary career started early when at just eight years old, he would cook for his grandparents. His intrinsic appreciation of food, passion for pastry, and mastery of developing complex flavor profiles led him to study abroad, having trained at prestigious schools in Spain, England and France. Most recently, Chef Eduardo served as a Chef Instructor at Mexico’s prestigious Culinary Arts School, where he helped to train many young and talented chefs from both sides of the border. Prior to teaching, Eduardo was the chef/owner of three restaurants, giving him valuable knowledge of all aspects of restaurant operations. Eduardo now resides in San Diego with his wife and two children. Inspired by his travels, Chef Eduardo’s enthusiasm for authentic Baja cuisine is a key ingredient in Pueblo's mission to blur the lines between the two Californias and celebrate Mexico’s culinary heritage.

Just two blocks from the ocean in San Diego’s Pacific Beach enclave, Pueblo brings a bit of the Baja coast to San Diego. In a culinary fashion, Pueblo aims to reunite the two California's as they once were, into a single territorial palate. The menu offerings combine traditional dishes, derived from the coastal communities of Baja, and contemporary chef-driven plates fueled by regional ingredients, with an emphasis on seafood and lighter preparations. The restaurant's two bars, indoors and on the rooftop deck, pour beer and wine from both sides of the border, and also offer a varied selection of tequila and agave-based spirit cocktails. 

Pueblo is located at 877 Hornblend Street in San Diego's Pacific Beach neighborhood. For more information, visit