UPDATE: Version Of Tijuana's Popular Tacos El Franc To Enter San Diego's Gaslamp This Summer

April 18, 2017

An incarnation of Tijuana's uber-pupular Tacos El Franc is in the process of taking over the space previously occupied by Nippon Sushi Bar at 532 4th Avenue in downtown San Diego to open a north-of-the-border outpost, expected to debut with a menu of authentic Baja-style char-grilled tacos by this summer.

Joining Tacos El Gordo, another Mexican-taqueria transplant entering the Gaslamp this summer, is an outpost of famed Tijuana late night destination Tacos El Franc. Expect the delicious scent of a gigantic, skewered trompo of adobada marinated pork to draw in crowds of hungry patrons when this spot swings open. The space in downtown San Diego is currently receiving an overhaul to transform it from a sushi bar into a modernized version of a traditional Mexican taco shop.

Although San Diego's Tacos El Franc location will be owned and operated by a different owner than the TJ branch, expect a similar menu of charcoal grilled tacos on handmade corn tortillas, tortas, quesadillas and mulitas, with the addition of new items like pozole & menudo soups for those weekend hangovers and burritos to give the spot that San Diego style. Tacos El Franc Gaslamp will also serve a lineup of beer, micheladas, sangria and Mexican sodas.

UPDATE: It has been reported by San Diego Red that the Tijuana Tacos El Franc has zero relation to the outpost opening in San Diego and that the name is being used without permission.