Moncai Vegan Shutters In Normal Heights

June 6, 2017

Moncai Vegan restaurant in San Diego's Normal Heights was shutdown by the city last month, and although owners originally hoped to reopen as soon as possible, the demands put on them to come into compliance proved insurmountable.

"Unfortunately the City of San Diego Permit Department has demanded $50k in construction upgrades to our perfectly functioning establishment," Moncai Vegan management said in a released statement "We cannot meet this demand, nor survive the months of closure to accomplish such demands. Being a small female-minority owned business in San Diego is rough going. We will miss you all, and we will miss saving the lives of countless animals, and improving the health of our community."

Moncai Vegan was founded in 2010 by business and life partners Do Jackson and Princesa Vitela. Apparently, the eatery originally obtained a health permit from the city to operate a bakery but this did not allow them to run a full restaurant, so they were forced to close down mid-May last month.