With More Than 6,000 Locations, Yang’s Braised Chicken Rice Targets San Diego For U.S. Expansion

August 21, 2017

Yang’s Braised Chicken Rice is known for one dish and has over 6,000 locations around Asia and Australia. The company recently announced that they are opening their first U.S. location in the Los Angeles area and will soon be heading to San Diego with the goal of opening multiple outposts in America's Finest City.

Known for one single dish - clay pot chicken and rice - Yang’s Braised Chicken Rice restaurant was founded in 2011 by Xiaolu Yang and now has over 6,000 branches all over China, as well as many locations in Japan, Singapore, and Australia. The main dish on the menu comes from Yang's grandmother's recipe that has been passed down since the 1930s. It consists of a pound of chicken thigh meat marinated in a secret sauce that is stewed with mushrooms, ginger, and peppers, finished in a clay pot and served with unlimited sides of rice - all for $9.99. The only customization that can be made to the dish is choosing between three levels of spice. Because the sauce will continue to be produced in China, the dish should taste virtually identical to the original.

The company announced that they will set its first flagship U.S. restaurant in Tustin, California with a September 10 opening, and thereafter plans to open franchises across the United States, including multiple outposts in San Diego. The company is in search of smaller retail units in sites near city attractions.