Popular South San Diego County Taco Destination Taqueria Revolución To Open Two New Locations

September 6, 2017

Taqueria Revolución, which currently has two locations near the border in San Diego's South County, is in the process of an expansion that includes Otay Ranch in Chula Vista and Barrio Logan outposts.

Taqueria Revolución founder Emilio Tamez is a San Diego native, born and raised in the South Bay, and has had a passion for food since he was a child. In September 2013, he realized his goal of opening a street taco eatery with the debut of his first Taqueria Revolución in the border town of San Ysidro. After teaming up with partner Jeremy Sosnoff, the team opened a second location in Bonita in 2016 with the goal of further expansion around San Diego County and possibly beyond.

"My background is financial business and work at banking and financial but food has always being my true passion," explained owner Emilio Tamez. "I have to give credit for our growth to a great team of people that work with me, my staff is very knowledgeable and passionate. We are a young company still growing and hope to open many more restaurants."

Named after Tijuana’s infamous Boulevard Revolucióna, Taqueria Revolución offers a simple menu of authentic street tacos on handmade tortillas, including carne asada, grilled cactus, slow roasted birria, and the famed spit-fired al pastor, which is cut to order off of a massive trompo of marinated meat. The eatery also offers queso tacos, burritos, mulitas, tortas, tostadas, and Mexican sodas.

The third location of Taqueria Revolución will open in the space that last housed Taqueria Jalapeño in Chula Vista's Otay Ranch Town Center later this month. The outpost will offer 1,500 square foot of dining space, including an outdoor patio. With an anticipated February 2018 opening, the fourth branch will debut in the 2,900 square-foot space that last housed the relocating MishMash in Mercado del Barrio in San Diego's Barrio Logan. Both locations will also offer beer and wine, including Micheladas.

For more information on Taqueria Revolucion, visit tacosrevo.com and check out the beautifully shot video below.