There Is At Least One Hidden Swing In La Jolla, And Here Is How You Get To It

October 4, 2017

The tale of the secret La Jolla tree swings has been circling around San Diego for years, like an old game of telephone. Many have claimed to have visited them. At one time there were three. Then there were none. Now, we know of at least one because we persevered and found it! After posting a photo on Instagram, many people contacted us asking how to get to the swing and, as you know by now, we are not very good at keeping secrets. So, continue reading if you wish to enjoy the secret La Jolla tree swing in all of its glory. Happy swingin'!

First off, we would like to thank the mystery man/woman who dedicated their time and care in constructing this hidden masterpiece of childhood glee. The secret swing in La Jolla offers picturesque views of the cove and makes for a fun outing. Like everything in life, there is an easy way and a difficult way to get to the secret swing of La Jolla. Here are both.

Easy Way
From the southernmost end of the Birch Aquarium parking lot, look for a narrow trailhead that begins with a small wooden plank walkway, not far from the end of the lot.

Traverse up a steep and windy incline for not more than 100 feet and you should spot the swing. 

Hard Way
This actually makes for a nice little hike, providing a bit more of a sense of accomplishment than taking the easy route. Head to the entrance way for the UCSD Coastal Apartments off Discovery Way (Discover Way & Redwood Drive).

You'll want to find street parking because parking within the apartment area is permit only. From the car entranceway to the Coast Apartment, look across Discover Way and spot 4 short metal poles and an electric box. 

Cross the street and keep walking the trail, staying on the uphill side of the hill. Look for a narrow dirt walkway and follow it down about a quarter mile on a slight downhill until you see a group of trees where you'll find the secret swing. There is also rumored to be a treehouse overlooking La Jolla shores if you keep walking. Explore!

Not that we should have to say this, but it seems like less and less people know how to behave nowadays. Please do not damage the swings, litter, act a fool, or be a jerk. And let's just keep this our little secret. Thank you!